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The ABC Newsletter is published quarterly. Submissions are ongoing. Submit material for the next issue by June 14.

Share your news of interest to ABC colleagues including relevant stories on business communication events and initiatives, awards and achievements, research projects, conferences, and new books (about 200 words per item). Attach photos as separate files in jpeg. If announcing a book, attach a jpeg of the cover and a link to the publisher's site.


Issue 39 - March 2024 Newsletter
Issue 38 - December 2023 Newsletter
Issue 37 - September 2023 Newsletter
Issue 36 - June 2023 Newsletter
Issue 35 - March 2023 Newsletter


Issue 34 - December 2022 Newsletter
Issue 33 - September 2022 Newsletter
Issue 32 - June 2022 Newsletter
Issue 31 - March 2022 Newsletter 


Issue 30 - December 2021 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 29 - September 2021 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 28
 - May 2021 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 27 - February 2021 Newsletter (pdf version here)


Issue 26 - October 2020 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 25 - July 2020 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 24 - April 2020 Newsletter (pdf version here)

Issue 23 - January 2020 Newsletter (pdf version here)


Issue 22 - Fall 2019 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 21 - Summer 2019 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 20 - Spring 2019 Newsletter (pdf version here)


Issue 19 - Miami Conference Recap Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 18 - Fall 2018 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 17-Summer 2018 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 16-March 2018 Newsletter (pdf version here)
Issue 15-January 2018 Newsletter (pdf version here)  


ABC Conference 2017 Newsletter (pdf version here)
This is a special issue devoted to the ABC annual conference held in October at Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. It includes memories and news from the conference.

Issue 14 - September 2017 (pdf version here)
Our annual conference is coming up in just a few short weeks. As you probably have seen, the program is promising an interesting, exciting and memorable conference. 

Issue 13 - June 2017 (pdf version here)
We have another packed issue with interesting news from ABC and our members. We are preparing for the next annual conference in Ireland.

Issue 12 - March 2017 (pdf version here)
We have an exciting newsletter this time with several fascinating projects by ABC members. Also, this issue includes profiles of two more ABC members. Another highlight of this issue is the preparation for our annual conference coming up on October 18-21.


Issue 11 - December 2016 (pdf version here)
As the year comes to a close, time to make plans for 2017. ABC offers many opportunities for us to contribute to the business communication community through conferences, research opportunities and participation in projects and committees.

Issue 10 - September 2016 (pdf version here)
It is only a month away from the 81st Annual International Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Issue 9 - June 2016 (pdf version here)
This issue has some interesting news about ABC conferences, initiatives and member projects.

Issue 8 - March 2016 (pdf version here)
In this issue, we have interesting news about ABC initiatives and events, as well as a new section profiling ABC members.


Issue 7 - December 2015 (pdf version here)
It was great to see many of you in Seattle at another excellent ABC conference. Many thanks to the organizers for a job well done!

Issue 6 - September 2015 (pdf version here)
There are many ABC events coming up in the second half of the year, including the annual conference in Seattle. This issue contains information and updates on this as well as on other conferences, research grants and member books.

Issue 5 - May 2015 (pdf version here)
This issue is packed with exciting news from ABC and its members. It includes information on conferences and interesting projects from members.

Issue 4 - March 2015 (pdf version here)
We now have a new travel award to support the ABC and its mission in conferences worldwide. In addition we have several conferences coming up in the next few months, including the ABC Western Region Conference, the Global Advances in Business Communication Conference, and the 12th ABC conference of the Europe, Africa and Middle East region.


Issue 3-December 2014
In this issue we have news of recent elections, a new section on research, information on upcoming conferences, and an article on a communication course in Brazil focusing on journalistic writing by Ana Lucia Magalhaes.

Issue 2-October 2014
The highlight of this issue is the ABC annual conference, which is just around the corner, on October 22-26, in Philadelphia. This promises to be an exciting and productive event with many interesting presentations, roundtables and discusssions. Opportunities also abound to get to know the host city better, whether you are going for the first time, or you are regular visitors. Watch out also for the chance to win a new watch! This issue also contains some information on the Mighty Writers initiative - a non-profit that helps Philadelphia youth - member news and announcements of new books published by ABC members.

Issue 1-June 2014
The first issue includes news from ABC headquarters, the results of the recent election, information on conferences and grants, and news from our members. A list of recent book publications showcases the talent of our members and highlights their commitment to cutting edge communication. This issue also includes seven fascinating articles by members who are sharing their professional experiences in such diverse areas as business writing, persuasion, public speaking, revising, and using the media in assignments.