Student Competition Award

ABC invites undergraduate students to enter an annual contest for the Student Competition Award by submitting a written response to a case scenario. The writer of the winning entry will receive a plaque at the annual ABC conference. In addition, the 1st place winner will receive $300, the 2nd and 3rd place winners will also be recognized. The winning student's instructor will be announced at the annual conference. The Student Competition Committee is responsible for the Student Competition Award.

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Submission deadline - May 24, 2019 with instructor submission to the ABC Student Competition submission site (instructor must log in first.)  Instructor should remove from the student's contest entry the student's name and university.

Here is the information that the survey requires:

  • Student's First Name
  • Student's Last Name
  • Student's Street Address
  • Student's City
  • Student's State/Province/Country
  • Student's Zip/Postal Code
  • Student's Email Address
  • Student's University/College
  • Course Title
  • Course Number and Department Name
  • Instructor's First Name
  • Instructor's Last Name
  • Instructor's Email Address
  • Instructor's Office Phone #
  • Instructor's Office Mailing Address
  • Student's Reason for Entering the Contest
  • File Upload Field - Upload the contest entry as PDF file.  Be sure to remove all identifying information.


Winners will be notified by Student Competition Committee chair approximately 90 days prior to the conference.  At that time, instructors will be asked to upload file with signed release from student indicating: "I give permission for Association for Business Communication and C. R. Anderson Foundation to use my name and document for educational or publicity purposes."  (Do not upload such file until requested.)

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Previous Winners



Case Writer

Student Winners

Faculty Sponsor


"Quail Creations Point of Sale System"

Laura Barrett
University of Kansas


“Turning Point for David”

Andy Spackman
Brigham Young University

1st place: Kylan Rutherford, Brigham Young University (winning entry)

2nd place: Claudia Hebert, University of Minnesota,  Twin Cities (entry)

3rd place: Jasmyne Dias, Suffolk University (entry)

1st place: Marianna Richardson, Brigham Young University

2nd place: Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt, Universiy of Minnesota, Twin Cities

3rd place: Sarah Mellen, Suffolk University


Linking In

Kelly Grant
Tulane University

1st place: Roshni Verma, UNC at Chapel Hill (winning entry)

2nd place: Kylan Rutherford, Brigham Young University (entry)

3rd place: Tyler Tonnesen, UNC at Chapel Hill (entry)

1st place: Michael Meredith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2nd place: Marianna Richardson, Brigham Young University

3rd place: Michael Meredith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


What Did IT Say?

Susan Luck
Pfiffer University

1st place: Lauren Holcomb, Auburn University

2nd place: Kimberly Ostiller, University of Southern California

3rd place: Lee Richardson, University of Arkansas

1st place:  Robyn Sexton, University of North Georgia

2nd place:  Yolanta Aritz, University of Southern California

3rd place: Sara Clements, University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Turning Up The Heat On Wind River Farms

Lucia S. Sigmar

Sam Houston State University

1st place: Audrey Wilson, Northern Kentucky University

2nd place: Katherine Shaw, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

3rd place: Taylor York, Stephen F. Austin State University

1st place:  Janel Bloch, Northern Kentucky University

2nd place:  Michael Meredith, University of North Carolina Chapel  Hill

3rd place:  Carol Wright, Stephen F. Austin State University


(Please Don’t) Reply All


Franziska Macur
Bethany College

1st place: Shannon Nolan, Temple University (winning entry)

2nd place: Katelyn Standley, Stephen F. Austin State University

3rd place: Joshua Maier, University of Cincinnati

1st place:  Jessica Renaud, Temple University

2nd place:  Carol Wright, Stephen F. Austin State University

3rd place:  Elizabeth Keri, University of Cincinnati


FACEbook War


1st place: Nina del Valle, Temple University (winning entry)

2nd place: Alyssa Gutierrez, University of Florida

3rd place: Lacy Culpepper, Dixie State University


Colonnade Hotel and Resort

Amy Newman & Sherri Kimes

Cornell University

1st place: Kristen Brews, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill  (winning entry)

2nd place: Christina Sukhu, Washington University

3rd place: Jesse Furukawa, Temple University


Southern Life Insurance: Sexual Harassment Policy

Cynthia E. Conn

Texas Tech University

1st place: Andrew Burnett, University of Southern California (winning entry)

2nd place: Andrew Hess, Philadelphia Biblical University;

3rd place: Suzanne Peckham, University of Tennessee at Martin


Dawson & Engels: Request Refusal

Kathy Rentz

University of Cincinnati

1st place: Tony Bloemer, Northern Kentucky University (winning entry)

2nd place: Iris Zhang, University of Florida

3rd place: Susan Hanover, Indiana University


National Logistics: Request for Training

Gary L. May

Clayton State University

1st place: Joshua Lindauer, West Chester University (winning entry)

2nd place: Kalyn Fox, Eastern Kentucky University (entry)

3rd place: Claire Arritola, University of Miami (entry)


Corporate Downsizing

Judith Biss
Stephen F. Austin State University

1st place: Nicole Thomas, University of Florida (winning entry)

2nd place: Sonia Camacho, Georgia State University (entry)

3rd place: Ashley Kresky, West Chester University (entry)


Brookhaven National Lab: Communication Plan

Maria Eichmans Cochran
Iowa State University

1st place: Julie Ryan, Iowa State University (winning entry)

2nd place: Adena Strickland, Arkansas Tech University

3rd place: Andrea Allan, Arkansas Tech University






Shoemann's In-Basket Exercise

Adapted from Dale Cyphert, University of Northern Iowa



 Nike Case

Gayle Vogt, California State University, Fullerton

1st place: Adam Tindel, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Heidi Schultz, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Custom Research Services: New HQ

Deborah Valentine
Emory University

1st place: Lauren Duke