Research Committee

The Research Committee:

1.​     Maintains ongoing forum discussions with committee members about topics related to business communication research.

2.​     Recommends the Outstanding Researcher Award recipient.

3.​     Recommends the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Business Communication Award recipient.

4.     ​Ensures the Outstanding Researcher Award recipient and the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Business Communication Award recipient are publicized in the ABC newsletter and on the ABC website.

5.​     Organizes a panel, poster or workshop at the annual conference.

6.​     Serves as an important resource for the Association on research issues.

7.​     Invites former winners of the Outstanding Researcher Award (ORA) and Outstanding Dissertation Award (ODA) to join the committee.

8.     ​Invites former IJBC and BPCQ editors or associate editors to join the committee.

9.​     Works with the Technology Coordinator to feature research resources on the website.

10.   ​Encourages business communication research and citing business communication scholarship in members’ research.

11.​   Works with the Graduate Studies Committee and Academic Environment Committee to assess the status of business communication as an academic discipline and foster the perception of business communication as a discipline with a strong research base.

12.​   Requests committee members additions/drops by first logging into ABC and then completing the Committee Update Request form at:

Committee Chair

Stephen Carradini, 2024

Committee Members

End of 3-Year Term
Abram Anders 12/31/2026
Tatiana Batova 12/31/2025
Kim Sydow Campbell 12/31/2026
Stephen Carradini 12/31/2024
Suwichit (Sean) Chaidaroon 12/31/2025
Valerie Creelman 12/31/2026
Bertha Du-Babcock 12/31/2025
Ryan Fuller 12/31/2026
Mathew Gillings 12/31/2025
Yan Jin 12/31/2025
Yeonkwon Jung 12/31/2024
Sky Marsen 12/31/2025
Veronica Rice McCray 12/31/2026
Lisa Meloncon 12/31/2025
Clive Muir 12/31/2025
Milena Nagengast 12/31/2025
Brigitte Planken 12/31/2026
Kirk St.Amant 12/31/2026
Junhua Wang 12/31/2025

Recent Prior Chairs

Milena Nagengast
Sky Marsen, Flinders University
Catherine Nickerson, Zayed University
Daphne Jameson, Cornell University
Cynthia Ryan, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Community Page

Members of the Research Committee can access the committee’s forum and file library on their Community Page.