Publications Board


In addition to Bylaws 3.5.1 and 3.5.2, the Publications Board:

  1. Coordinates with the editors about special issues of the International Journal of Business Communication and Business and Professional Communication Quarterly (08-001 and 08-002 of the Operational Guidelines). The guidelines for special issues may be found on the ABC website.
  1. Assists the editors in effective transition when new editors are selected.
  1. Solicits nominations for and selects the winner (if any) of the:
  • ABC awards for Distinguished Publication on Business Communication
  • Outstanding Article in the International Journal of Business Communication
  • Outstanding Article in the Business and Professional Communication Quarterly
  1. The chair of the Publications Board notifies the Executive Director of the winners of these ABC awards. The Executive Director will then notify the sponsor of the award, if there is a current sponsor. The criteria for awards are found in items 070-006 and 070-008 of the Operational Guidelines.
  1. Reviews financial support for editors prior to appointment and throughout their terms of office and proposes changes for approval by the Board whenever the support is inadequate or inappropriate.

Community Page

The Community Page for this committee is for members and links to the committee's forum and file library.

Committee Members 2024

Name End Date
Paola Catenaccio 12/31/2024
Yan Jin 12/31/2024
Annelise Ly 12/31/2025
Sky Marsen 12/31/2025
Lorelei Ortiz, Chair 12/31/2025
Rudi Palmieri 12/31/2025
Jacob Rawlins 12/31/2026
Lamar Reinsch 12/31/2025
Kathryn Rybka, Ex officio
Veronica Rice McCray 12/31/2025
Jason Snyder 12/31/2026


The Publications Board is comprised of nine ABC Board of Directors approved members, along with the Proceedings Editorial Review Board chair and the ABC Executive Director.

Recent Prior Chairs

Jason Snyder, Central Connecticut State University
Deborah Andrews, University of Delaware
Deborah Roebuck, Kennesaw State University