045-001        Overview

Group Structure

The Association’s members pursue a variety of professional objectives through voluntary Special Interest Groups. Each SIG is responsible for selecting an appropriate designation for itself and for developing its own agenda. An interest group is required to submit a yearly report on activities and a plan for the upcoming year. No evaluation of members is necessary. This report should be submitted electronically to the Vice President within 30 days after the annual conference concludes.

A Special Interest Group must secure prior approval from the Board of Directors to represent the Association to external groups or persons.

A Special Interest Group may be initiated in either of two ways: (a) the Vice President may designate a member as coordinator of an interest group and ask her or him to convene a group, or (b) ten or more members may elect a coordinator and apply to the Vice President for recognition. Once a group has been formed, it is responsible for electing its own coordinator.

An interest group will retain official recognition so long as (a) the group meets during the annual conference and (b) at least 10 members (identified by name) indicate that they wish to be affiliated with the group.


Coordinators. A coordinator will typically serve a three-year term of office, beginning on January 1. A coordinator may be reelected.

Membership. The number of members in an interest group is neither specified nor limited (beyond the requirement that the group contain at least 10 members). The length of a person’s active participation in a Special Interest Group is not limited.


Special Interest Groups operate from January 1 to December 31.

Meeting at Annual Conference

Special Interest Groups meet during the annual conference and are encouraged to sponsor one or more special sessions to attract persons of similar interest.