Updated and approved by the ABC Board of Directors December 9, 2022





010-001        Overview

Bylaw Provision

The Bylaws provide for Operational Guidelines that are approved by the Board of Directors.

Board Instructions

The Operational Guidelines are the means by which the Board of Directors provides standing orders or instructions to various officers, functionaries, and groups.

Guidance for People New to Positions

The Association is staffed by volunteers who have varying degrees of familiarity with the operations of the Association. The Operational Guidelines are a source of direction for the various officers, functionaries, and groups who are new to their positions.

Long-Term Instructions

The Operational Guidelines are long-term and on-going rather than one-time instructions. (Motions of the Board of Directors are used to handle one-time instructions.)


The OG and Bylaw Committee reviews and updates the Operational Guidelines and recommends changes when necessary. Changes become effective upon approval by the Board of Directors. Revisions made to the committee sections of the Operational Guidelines to reflect changes made at a Board meeting or when an ad hoc committee is appointed do not require a vote by the Board for approval.

010-002        Organization of Manual


The Operational Guidelines Manual is divided into “sections.” Sections are divided into “subjects.” Each section covers a major area of the guidelines. For example, section 030 deals with the Board of Directors. Each subject covers a portion of its section. For example, in section 030, the first subject (030-001) covers members of the Board while the eighth subject (030-007) covers the Executive Director. The material in each subject is further divided into topics.


The numbering system permits reference to specific content within the Operational Guidelines. For example, to refer to the guideline covering committee chairs, one could say “Turn to 040-002 for that information.”


Sections are numbered in fives, for example, 010, 020, 030, 035, 040, 045, etc.


Subjects are numbered in units within each section, for example, -001, -002, -003, etc.


Topics are shown as headings at the left margin of pages, for example, “Structure”.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents in Section 020 is organized by section number. Subjects are listed within their sections.