USC Marshall School of Business, Business Communication Impact Award


The Marshall School of Business sponsors the award with a monetary prize. The award is part of Marshall's new Business Communication Thought Leadership Initiative (TLI). The award itself is modeled after a similar award in Marshall's entrepreneurship program that recognizes the top entrepreneurship article.

The goals behind the award are to: 

(a) draw positive attention to the business communication field 
(b) strengthen the journals that support the business communication field 
(c) provide resources and rationales for business communication scholars to build their reputations and successfully gain advancements and promotions at their institutions
(d) honor those scholars who write business communication articles with the most impact. 

As part of Marshall's Business Communication TLI, Marshall will provide resource information for business communication scholars including citation counts for top business communication articles.

Selection Procedures

The winner is based on the most citations over the past five years using Google Scholar data. Empirically-based research articles published within the last ten years in International Journal of Business Communication, Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, and Journal of Business and Technical Communication are eligible.

Winning authors must be ABC members.

An article cannot win more than once, and a winning author cannot win the award again for a separate article for at least three years. Additional criteria may be on the USC Marshall School of Business website.


The award winner will be notified approximately 90 days before the annual conference.

Winners of the USC Marshall School of Business, Business Communication Impact Award

  • 2023: Jacqueline Mayfield, Texas A&M International University; Milton Mayfield, Texas A&M International University and William Sharbrough III, The Citadel
  • 2022: Stephanie A. Smith, Virginia Tech
  • 2021: Peter Cardon, University of Southern California and Bryan Marshall, Georgia College
  • 2020: Ann Kankaaranta, Aalto University and Brigitte Planken, Radboud University
  • 2019: Gail Fann Thomas, Naval Postgraduate School; Roxanne Zolin, Noble International Business School, and
    Jackie Hartman
  • 2018: Marcel M. Robles, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 2017: Dwane H. Dean, Frostburg State University
  • 2016: Ben Arbaugh, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • 2015
    • Deanna Geddes, Temple University
    • Susan M. Kruml, Millikin University
  • 2014: Timothy Coombs, University of Central Florida