Finance Committee


1. Analyze the financial well-being of the association.
2. Evaluate the auditing efforts of the association.
3. Recommend strategies to improve the association’s financial standing.
4. Document the process for assembling financials and for converting assets to cash.
5. Identify and document an investment strategy for the organization.
6. Redesign statements to improve readability and aid decision making.
7. Recommend new charges for the following year.
8. Request committee members additions/drops by first logging into ABC and then completing the quick Committee Update Request form at:
9. Post September 1 annual report on your community shared files site and also post to Committee Chair shared files for First Vice President.  Post interim report (near early April or other to-be-determined date) as directed.

Community Page

The Community Page for this committee is for members and links to the committee's forum and file library.

Committee Members 2020

Name End Date
Sam DeKay (pending) 12/31/2023
James M. Dubinsky, Ex Officio
Karl Keller, Co-chair 12/31/2021
Melinda Knight (pending) 12/31/2023
Chris McKenna (pending) 12/31/2023
Jacob D. Rawlins, Co-chair 12/31/2020