ABC E-Lecture Series

"Persuasive Narratives in Crowdfunding Campaigns"
Rudy Palmieri
Senior Lecturer of Strategic Communication
University of Liverpool 

"Reflecting on 50 Years of Teaching Business Communications"
Ron Dulek
John R. Miller Professor
University of Alabama

"Leadership Discourse in Response to the COVID Crisis: Cuomo's Press Briefings"
Camilla Vasquez, Ph.D.
Professor of Applied Linguistics
University of South Florida

"Is Best Practice Best?"
Dr. Jonathan Clifton
Associate Professor
Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France

"Visual Rhetorical Figures in Advertising"
Fabienne Bünzli
Research Associate and PhD Candidate
University of St. Gallen

"5 Ws of Community-Based Projects"
Robyn Albers
Senior Instructor
Zayed University
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"Storytelling and the Discursive Construction of Leadership: The Case of Faber's Graduation Speech"
Annelise Ly, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Professional and Intercultural and Communication
Norwegian School of Economics

"Some Suggestions on Online Group Assignments"
Stephen Carradini
Technical Communication Program
Arizona State University - Polytechnic

Additional resources for this presentation:

"Success with Zoom and Student Teams"
Jeanette Heidewald, Faculty Senior Lecturer
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University - Bloomington

"Framing in Discourse: Frames Used in Interpersonal Interaction in Virtual Teams"
Maria Cristina Gatti
Associate Professor,
University of Bolzano

"Communication Consulting"
Barbara Shwom, Northwestern University
Ken Keller, Northwestern University

"Elevate Engagement on Virtual Work Teams"
Karin Goettsch, Ph.D., CPTD
Global Talent and Communication Consultant and Coach
St. Paul, Minnesota