Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award


The ABC Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation on Business Communication is awarded annually to the outstanding dissertation in the area of business communication written as part of a doctoral program.

We invite invitations for the ABC Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation on Business Communication. This Award is conferred annually to the writer of an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the area of business communication. 

The winning researcher will receive a plaque and a monetary award at the ABC annual conference. In addition, the award winner will be encouraged to submit an article based on the dissertation to one of the Association’s journals – the International Journal of Business Communication or the Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. The winner will also receive a one-year membership in ABC.

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be met for eligibility for the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award:

  1. Significant contribution to scholarship, research, and/or pedagogy of business communication.
  2. Originality of thought and careful investigation.
  3. The use of an accepted research technique for business communication research.
  4. Successful defense of the dissertation within the two years preceding the annual conference at which the award is presented.

Nomination Procedures

Entries may be nominated by the candidate or by a nominator. Nominations must include:

  1. A letter of nomination from a faculty member on the doctoral dissertation committee or from the degree granting institution showing how the publication meets the award criteria.
  2. An extended abstract of the dissertation of 2500-3000 words, summarizing the scope, significance, method, main literature review and main findings.
  3. A complete copy of the dissertation.
  4. Photograph.  Your photograph may be used by ABC if nominee is selected as award winner.  
  5. Dean and Department Chair name and email address, along with any other individual for press release contact.
Click here to submit the nomination by June 17.  

Sky Marsen, Research Committee Chair

Clive Muir, Research Committee Vice Chair


The award winner will be notified approximately 45 days before the annual conference.

Previous winners