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bpcqBusiness and Professional Communication Quarterly is the only refereed journal devoted solely to the teaching of communication in the workplace. BPCQ publishes scholarship that advances knowledge about business communication pedagogy in both academic and workplace settings. Articles in BPCQ present a variety of theoretical, applied, and practical approaches and perspectives, including program design and assessment, the impact of technology, global and multicultural issues, qualitative and quantitative research on classroom teaching, and case studies of best practices.

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Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, ISSN 1080-5699 (formerly the Bulletin of the Association for Business Communication, ISSN 8756-1972 and Business Communication Quarterly), is published four times each year (March June, September, and December) by the Association for Business Communication and Sage Publications.  It is listed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

Special Features

Business and Professional Communication Quarterly is soliciting submissions for several new features to the journal. BPCQ is looking for 

  • Guest editorials on topics of relevance to business communication pedagogy and instruction and corporate training.
  • Features on trends in teaching and technology.
  • Book reviews of texts on business communication pedagogy, teaching, and instruction as well as corporate training.
  • “Spotlight on Thought Leaders” articles that review the contributions of thought leaders in business communication pedagogy and research and corporate training.
  • Literature reviews of topics relevant to business communication technology and instruction and corporate training research.

If you wish to submit one of these features, please contact BPCQ Editor Robyn Walker at with a short proposal that summarizes your idea.

Special Issue

Rhetoric and Pedagogy in Business Communication

Rhetoric plays a central role in business communication pedagogy. Understanding basic principles of audience, context, and situation are essential for any student seeking to write or speak more effectively or to successfully persuade others. Rhetorical Theory and Praxis in the Business Communication Classroom, edited by Kristen M. Getchell and Paula J. Lentz, explores the connections between rhetorical theory and business communication in depth. For this special issue of BPCQ we are seeking papers that will extend that conversation to explore how rhetoric is essential to business communication and how rhetorical scholars draw on thousands of years of rhetorical theory to address modern problems in business writing and speaking.

Today, the challenges of teaching business communication are growing as both the concepts of “business” and “communication” are evolving, based on new technologies, the global pandemic, and shifting social and cultural norms. Rhetorical principles, however, can provide a solid foundation that will allow students to nimbly adjust to changing situations while using time-tested techniques to write, speak, and communicate more effectively.

Papers for this special issue of BPCQ will explore the connection of rhetoric and business communication pedagogy through essays, case studies, quantitative studies, qualitative studies, or other appropriate research methods. Each study should clearly discuss implications for using rhetoric in teaching business communication.

Issue Editor - Jacob D. Rawlins

Issue Timeline

Abstract: January 31, 2023
Full Papers: April 30, 2023
Peer Reviews: June 15, 2023
Revisions: June 30, 2023
Final manuscripts to BPCQ: July 2023

Submit abstracts for this special issue to the editor, Jacob Rawlins at by January 31, 2023.

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For detailed guidelines about manuscript submission and selection criteria, please visit

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