2020 Annual International Conference

85th Annual International Conference
October 28 to 31, 2020       
A Virtual Experience

Due to COVID-19, this will be a virtual conference. Once details are finalized, members and those who submitted proposals will be notified.  See special member rate!

Earth image by Arek Socha from Pixabay.  If you are using a screen reader and need additional assistance, please contact abcoffice@businesscommunication.org.

Call for Papers

Theme:  Strengthening B-comm in an era where perception is reality

Click for Call for Papers (downloadable pdf.)


This year's conference gives the opportunity to share your 500 to 1000 word extended abstract in the Conference Proceedings, citation ISSN 2472-0658.  Your permission will be requested on the submission form. 


Sponsored sessions are also accepting submissions.  Read on for links.

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Final proposals (panel, poster, regular) CLOSED      Presenters have been notified.
Workshop proposals CLOSED          Read on for offerings.
Roundtable proposals  CLOSED

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Note: All submissions will be double-blind reviewed with opportunity to share your 500 to 1000 word extended abstract in Conference Proceedings.  Learn more about Volunteer Reviewer here.

Want to participate in sponsored sessions?
 How Do You Teach Diversity? with Jacqui Lowman  - Click for details and submission link.  Openings.
 My Favorite Assignment with D. Joel Whalen (Closed) -  Click for details. 
Business Practices Committee panel with Sam DeKay (Closed) - Click for details.  
Graduate Studies Panel with Stephen Carradini (Closed) - Click for details.


Consulting, Research, Teaching


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Registration opens near August 13, 2020.  If you want to register before the registration link is posted, contact abcoffice@businesscommunication.org

All presenters and participants must pay to register.

Once registered, you will receive login credentials and instructions (after mid-September).  Want to start getting ready for the virtual event?  Download (or update) Zoom software and install the Chrome browser.

Early Bird Rate - If registered by September 11

  • Member:  $125
  • Nonmember: $200 (Before attempting to register, click to learn of 10% conference discount with paid membership.) (PENDING)
  • Retiree: $75
  • Student (nonmembers): $75
  • Student members who are presenting may register for free by Sep 11  (Before attempting to register, request discount code here.  (PENDING)
  • Part-time or adjunct member: $100 (Before attempting to register, request discount code here.)  PENDING

Regular Rate - If registered by October 15

  • Member: $175
  • Nonmember: $250 (Before attempting to register, click to learn of 10% conference discount with paid membership.) (PENDING)
  • Retiree: $100
  • Student rate: $100
  • Part-time or adjunct member: $100 (Before attempting to register, request discount code here.  (PENDING)

Late rate (after October 15)

  • Member: $200
  • Nonmember: $275
  • Retiree: $125
  • Student: $125
  • Part-time or adjunct member: $125 (Before attempting to register, request discount code here.  (PENDING)

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During the registration process, members may "add on" up to two workshops at the virtual rate (free!) with use of a discount code. Sign-ups are limited, so do so early.  For more than two workshops, please pay $10. Non-member workshop rate is $10 each.

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Join your ABC colleagues for a deep-dive into the following topics through our Workshops:

Tuesday, October 27, 2020    11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (Eastern time, concurrent workshops)  

  • The Pitch Formula Used by Top Silicon Valley Startups

Chris Lipp, Rice University                                                                              TIME CONFIRMED

Through examples and exercises, see how over 90% of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs use the 4-point pitch framework to raise capital and fuel start-ups.

  • Influencer Consulting: Sharing Business Communication Knowledge through Web and Social Community Building

Curtis Newbold, Westminster College                                                              TIME CONFIRMED

Learn how to become an influencer-consultant, sharing business communication knowledge digitally to broad audiences.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020    5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (Eastern time, concurrent workshops) 

  • Artificial Intelligence for Business Communication                            **TENTATIVE DATE & TIME**

Peter Cardon, Jolanta Aritz, and Anne Carolin Fleischmann, University of Southern California; Kristen Getchell, Babson College, Stephen Carradini, Arizona State University, James Stapp, Oklahoma State University, and Haibing Ma, DeepBlue Technology Co., Ltd.

This purpose of this workshop is to develop research projects about artificial intelligence and business communication by collaboratively writing and publishing research over the year following the workshop.  *Requires pre-workshop reading/activities/meetings.

  • Learning In and Out of the Human Fishbowl 

Theresa Wernimont, Colorado State University        LIMITED SIGN-UPS             TIME CONFIRMED

Expanding on one My Favorite Assignments pitch from last year titled “High Horsepower,” this workshop allows attendees to participate in abbreviated classroom exercises and receive helpful resources.

Saturday, October 31, 2020   10:00 a.m. –  Noon (Eastern time, concurrent workshops)   

  • Helping Perception Match Reality Online: Creating an Academic Social Media Plan for Academic Programs and Individual Scholars            

Stephen Carradini, Arizona State University              LIMITED SIGN-UPS             TIME CONFIRMED

Walk step-by-step through the process for teachers, scholars, and administrators to create an academic social media presence.

  • Transformative Learning: Starting a Student-run Business Podcast

Marianna Richardson, Brigham Young University                                                    **TENTATIVE DATE & TIME**

This workshop explores business podcasting and reviews the skills needed and motivation necessary to help students transform into meaningful business communicators.

  • Competency-Based Curriculum Development: From Learning Objectives to Assignments to Assessment in the Business Communication Classroom

Abby Koenig, Jenna Haugen, and Zachary Goldman, University of Louisville          **TENTATIVE DATE & TIME**

Learn how to work with competency-based business communication and align competencies with course learning objectives and activities

  • Earn Accreditation in SOCIAL STYLE® to Expand Students’ Communication Skills: Writing, Presenting, Engaging, and Leading

Judy Tisdale, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, David C. Collins, TRACOM Group, Daisy L. Lovelace, Duke University, and Jana M. Seijts, Western University                                                      TIME CONFIRMED      

Hear how to integrate SOCIAL STYLE® into your communication skills program to help students analyze audiences and tailor messages for any business setting.

Expected Schedule

Presenter Schedule will be posted near August 20.

Tuesday, October 27 and Saturday, October 31
New Attendee Welcome, Workshops, Opening Reception and Virtual Welcome, Posters
Wednesday, October 28
Opening Plenary - ABC President and ABC Second Vice President; Awards                 
Sessions begin   
Thursday and Friday, October 29 to 30
Sessions continue
Saturday, October 31
Sessions conclude by noon

First Time Attendee Tips

  • Arrive early to settle in comfortably; stay for the entire conference.
  • Take time to meet new people.
  • Attend the First Time Attendee Welcome Address to hear from the ABC President and ABC Executive Director.
  • Participate in a workshop to make even more connections.
  • Take care of yourself.  Consider participating in ABC Fresh Start with gentle stretching and meditation.  Make good choices; allow time to process your thoughts and take time for a bit of quiet each day.  Enjoy fresh air and exercise. Get enough sleep. 
  • If you need a friend or mentor, visit ABC Connect; you will discover seasoned ABC members who are happy to "show you the ropes." 

Presentation Tips

check back soon

Speaker training invitation; learn to navigate the conference platform     Coming soon

Make it easy to get to your presentation on time--record it!  Upload your presentation to the conference platform in September (prior to 15 October), then be sure to "come" to the conference for questions and answers during your session.  

Equipment Tips

check back soon

Learn about the importance of a good blue tooth headset with a microphone.  Coming soon
Run a speedtest to check your internet speed.  If under 10 Mbps, you may experience connectivity issues.  Help avoid the pitfalls of this hazard by recording and uploading your presentation to the conference platform.

Check back after August, 2020 to learn about the October, 2021 conference in San Diego, California.

Conference Forum

Conference Contacts

Dee Fuchs and Ashley Nelson