2016 Annual Conference Proceedings

81st Annual International Conference
October 19-22, 2016
Albuquerque, NM

Editor: Leigh Ann Whittle

Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare Settings: Students’ Perspectives
Meenakshi Raman

Does Frequency Decrease Anxiety?: Accounting Majors and Presentations
Mary Marcel

Five Fixable Flaws that Afflict Graduate Business Student Writing: Helping Writers Unlearn Bad Habits
Catherine Flynn

Teaching Academic Writing to Freshmen: An Active Learning Approach
Ana Lúcia Magalhaes

A First Experience in a Business Communications Class: Video Clips That Help Students Establish a Continuum of Success
Victoria McCrady

The Relationship Between Academic Research and Instructional Quality
Marcel M. Robles

"Kill da Wabbit, Kill da Wabbit!": How a University President Lost His Job from a Self-Inflicted Crisis and Poor Response
Rod Carveth

Exploring Employees’ Communication Behaviors in Knowledge Sharing: A Hierarchal Perspective
Bertha Du-Babcock, Kuok-Kei Law

Aristotle for MBAs: Adapting Classical Rhetoric to Graduate Business Communication
Mary Marcel

A Window into Clinical Practice: A Communication Program Introducing a Blog as a Reflective Tool for Doctor-Patient Communication Training
Jeanine Warisse Turner, James Robinson, Elise Morris, Michelle Roett

The Essential Theories of Business Communication
Milton Mayfield, Jacqueline Mayfield, Robyn Walker

Defining Employer Expectations: Communication Activities, Behaviors, and Events in the 21st Century Business Environment
Dale Cyphert, Elena Nefedova Dodge, Corrine Holke-Farnam, Katie Hillyer, Karthik Iyer, W. Eric Lee, Sarah Rosol

Advisory Board Usage: Giving Real-World Counsel to Undergraduates for Resume Development
Irma Hunt, Ronald K. Taylor

Proceedings Editorial Review Board:

Rod Carveth
Kevin Chu
Barbara D’Angelo
Sam DeKay
Teresa Sekine
Lee Tesdell
Marcel Robles
Sushil Oswal
Michelle Dawson
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W. Christopher Brown
Kathy Langston
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