2015 Annual Conference Proceedings

80th Annual International Conference
October 28-31, 2015
Seattle, WA

Editor: Jason Snyder

Employers' Rankings of Communication Skills Needed for a Certificate in Corporate Communication
Lana Carnes, Faridah Awang, Marcel Robles

Overcoming Lack of Openness to Change: The Power of Message Framing Strategies to Increase Bystander Intervention
Jim Suchan, Deborah Gibbons

Citation Differences Between ABC Journals and Related, But Unaffiliated Quality Journals
Reginald Bell, Deborah Britt Roebuck

A Nationwide Study of Faculty Diversity in Business Schools: Perceptions of Business Deans
Farrokh Moshiri, Peter Cardon

Ambiguity and Uncertainty in the Arkansas Department of Health's Response to Hurricane Gustav
Ashley McNatt

Stigmatization of Depression in Online Media
Danielle Ka Lai Lee

Arts Nonprofit Motivation in Choice or Rejection of Crowdfunding
Stephen Carradini

What is a Real Apology?: Rolling Stone and the University of Virginia Rape Allegation Article
Rod Carveth

Strategy in the Message: The Risky Business of Acknowledging the "Bad News" of Climate Change
LeeAnne Giannone Kryder

Language Use on Topic Management Patterns in Intercultural and Intracultural Decision-making Meetings
Bertha Du-Babcock

From Electronic Engagement to Cultural Competence: Utilizing Online Emergent Practices to Develop a Hybrid Training Program for USA Pavilion Student Ambassadors Program
Jolanta Aritz, Kimberly J. Brower

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Rod Carveth
Mark Cistulli
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Sam DeKay
Michelle Reiss
Teresa Sekine
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Robyn Walker
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