If you wish ABC to supply the foam core (and pins), the size available will be 24”x36”.  If you print and mount yourself, you may use a size that works for you.  Posters will be displayed on easels.  You may like to arrange printing/mounting so you can travel light!

Click here to reserve a sheet of 24"x36" form core if you would like ABC to provide a piece for you in Miami.

Poster tips: <http://guides.library.ucla.edu/c.php?g=223540&p=1480858>

  • Poster Content: Scientific posters typically include the basics: introduction/research questions, methodology, results, discussion. With results and discussion as the main content, you will best share what’s “new” with your audience.  
  • Poster Fonts: Guidelines recommend at least a 72 pt. font for titles, 36 pt. font for headings, and 24 pt. font for body text.  Using two fonts – a sans serif for titles and headings, and a serif for body texts – provides contrast for distance viewing. 
  • Poster Layout: Many scientific research posters are laid out in three columns with boxes for different text sections.  Searching Google Images for “research poster” provides examples of effective layout design. 

Near to the Miami Marriott with template tool, printing and mounting service:

2121 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

(305) 573-1680
Prices and discount offer subject to change...Poster about $30 24"x36"    Add mounting for about $60 (about $70 if under 24-hour service required).
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