100-001        Guidelines for Use


The ABC identity must be represented in a consistent manner to build its recognition internationally, providing the Association with a visual signature for all printed and Web communications.


Those authorized to use the ABC logo and identity must not alter the specific color, font, letter spacing, proportions, or spatial relationships in any way as all of these elements impact on the presentation of the Identity.

Officers, staff, directors, and Board members must ensure that they follow all approved guidelines when they or external agencies create any communications either in print or electronic copy using the ABC logo and identity.

Refer to the ABC logo and identity guidelines below for approved nomenclature and graphic standards.


The following guidelines must be adhered to:

  1. The ABC logo/brand and letterhead are used only for official publications, communications, and advertising purposes of the Association.
  1. The ABC letterhead with the logo may be used only by officers, directors, committee chairs, and past presidents of the Association for Association purposes.
  1. The ABC logo is to be prominent on all communications, publications (including all conference programs and announcements), and advertising of the Association.
  1. The ABC logo use is encouraged by members in their professional communications.
  1. The ABC logo/letterhead is the official brand of the Association for Business Communication for any other purpose(s) than those outlined above.