Generative AI and Teaching Business Communication Special Interest Group

This group will explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and business communication in and out of the classroom.

This group will discuss best practices for incorporating generative AI into the classroom and potential ethical considerations. Further, we hope to foster connections for AI and pedagogy research projects. Finally, we envision the SIG sharing instruction, assessment, and policy resources. The SIG will enable online communication throughout the year.

Whether you are a business communication instructor, corporate trainer, or simply interested in the potential of generative AI in the classroom, we welcome you to join our special interest group.

SIG Activities

1. Request committee members additions/drops by first logging into ABC and then completing the quick Committee Update Request form at:
2. Post annual report on your community page shared files within 30 days after the Annual International Conference. Email copy to VIce President.

Community Page

The Community Page for this committee is for members and links to the committee's forum and file library.

Special Interest Group Members 2024

Kaye Adkins
Abram Anders
Jeanine Elise Aune
Morgan Banville
Mikelle Barberi-Weil
Peter Cardon
Anthony Coman
Valerie Creelman
Lance Cummings
Emily DeJeu
Samantha Dine
Mark Evans
Katrin Fischer
Kristi Girdharry
Laura Graham
Karen Grandy
Jeanette Heidewald
Virginia Hemby
Brenda Jones
Xiaoli Li
Stephen Lind
Kathryn Lookadoo
Amber Messersmith
Sarah Moore, Leader
Tara Moore
Amy Newman
AJ Ogilvie
Marcy Orwig
Kris Purzycki
Leslie Seawright
Susan Schanne
Ryan Sheets
Elizabeth Hanson Smith
Andy Spackman
Miyuki Takino
Christopher Toth
Dawn Wisher