Session Chair Guidelines

1. Ensure presentation equipment is working properly, and aid speakers, as needed. (Contact the conference registration desk with problems/issues.)
2. Help speakers distribute handouts, if any. (A Submitter can also add files to their submission. All registered attendees using the agenda tool have access to files.)
3. Introduce speakers and the title of their presentation only. This should take no longer than 15 seconds.
4. Each regular presentation is allotted 20 minutes. Tell the speakers you will provide a 5-minute warning (5-minutes remaining) and a 1-minute warning (1-minute remaining). Speakers must stop when their presentation time reaches 20 minutes, even if they are not finished presenting their information/slides. Your phone timer is good to use instead of just watching a clock.
5. For on-site presentations, any Zoom set-up and interface is the responsibility of the presenter.
6. Position yourself in the room so the presenters can see you when you indicate the 5-minute and 1-minute warnings. Make sure they acknowledge your time warning. If you need to, also verbally announce the time remaining.
7. At the end of ALL the presentations, make a call for questions from the audience. Once the session time has ended, announce “I’m sorry, but we are out of time... Thank you.”