Accessibility of Venue

Accessible Transit, Conference Venue, and Conference Lodging - Additional Information


Accessible Transit

United Cab of Tampa operating as Tampa Bay Cab, United Taxi, and flagship United Cab offers wheelchair accessible transportation.  For fast service, visit their site to download phone app or call their 24-hour customer service 813-777-7777.  (The app might not be available if you are downloading from an area not serviced by United Cab.) Transit from Tampa International Airport to the Tampa conference venue is about $25.  ABC provides this information as a service to conference attendees; this is not an endorsement of this company.  Pricing should be confirmed by attendee with cab company.

FOR ACCESSIBLE LODGING, RESERVE ONLINE OR CONTACT HOTEL DIRECTLY WITH SPECIFIC NEEDS.  Indicate exactly which features are needed so the best available room is secured.  Reserve accessible room soon as the hotel has limited availability


Is a breast-feeding room available? ABC hopes to hold a small room that can be used.  Find the location on the conference page, inquire at the conference desk, or in advance, contact
Is a prayer or quiet room available?  A small room is held by ABC that can be used.  Find the location on the conference page or inquire at the conference desk.
Is the conference venue fully accessible (inside and outside)? Yes. The fully accessible conference area toilet is on Level 2.
Are the outer doors to the venue automatic? Outer doors (except main entry) have push button to open door.  Main entry door requires bellhop assistance.  If bellhop is temporarily away, a camera shows guest at door.
Is there signage in Braille? Yes, for meeting signage, elevators, and guest room numbers.
Do elevators have audio indicating what floor the elevator is on? Yes
Are there guest rooms with doorbells triggering a visual flashing light? Yes
Are there refrigerators and microwaves in rooms so people with special needs can store their medicine and address their needs? Refrigerators are in each room; microwaves available on request (limited availability)
Is hotel near a park or grassy area for service dog relief? Yes. There are multiple locations reached after traveling through lobby or foyer marked for dog relief and with disposal bags. 
Does the hotel offer a loaner wheelchair? No
Some artificial lighting flickers. Are fluorescent lights in use? Not in guestrooms or lobby (LED)
Is carpeting sensory-friendly (not too highly patterned)? Yes
Are scent machines in use in public areas? Yes, but the hotel has been requested to turn off the machines in the conference area.  They expect to turn off the machines on the peak conference days.
Are scent machines in the restrooms off conference floors? No
Are scent machines in lodging room bathrooms?  No
Can a low odor lodging room (no residual cleaning fluid or air freshener smells) be requested Yes. If you have a sensitivity, this can be arranged if you contact the hotel.
Are toiletries scented- Yes

For Mobility Accessible Rooms

If an accessible room is needed, what is best way to reserve a room that is the best fit? Rooms must be booked in advance.
Are the doors three feet wide? Yes
Is there a peep hole in the door at wheelchair level? Yes
Does the closet have a rod at wheelchair level Yes
Can drapes/window covering be controlled from a wheelchair? Yes
Can air conditioning/climate be controlled from a wheelchair? Yes
Does the room have enough space for easy wheeling?  Yes
Are outlets easily accessible to recharge wheelchairs? Yes
Is the bathroom extra large to easily accommodate a wheelchair? Yes
Is there space for a wheelchair to back next to and be parallel to the toilet? Yes
Are there ample grab bars (for the toilet, shower, etc.)? Yes
Can a wheelchair wheel under the sink for easy use of the sink? Yes
Are towels placed on a rack or in a basket for easy reach? Rack
Is there a mirror that’s wheelchair friendly? Yes
Is the shower a true roll-in shower?  You would need to book the ADA room-type with roll-in shower.
Does shower have an opening wide enough to roll up next to?  Yes
Does shower have a seat that a person can transfer onto laterally?  Yes
Are shower controls within easy reach of the seat?  Is shower plumbing the “telephone-type”—with the shower head in a holder that can slide down and be removed for easy positioning and rinsing? Yes
Is there a phone in the bathroom to call for help if necessary or some type of emergency button to contact the front desk? No

Conferencing Area         

Are conference-area restrooms fully accessible? The second floor restroom across from ABC Connect is most easily reached and is most accessible.
Are bathroom doors automatic? No
Is there an accessible stall wide enough for wheelchair? Yes
Does the stall door open out? Yes
Can the stall door be locked? Yes
Is there a hook on the back of the door at wheelchair height? No
Is there room in the stall to back next to the toilet? Yes
Are the toilet paper dispenser and seat cover dispenser within easy wheelchair reach? Yes
Is the accessible stall made inaccessible by blocking access with things like baby-changing stations or waste baskets?  This can possibly happen if someone is using baby-changing station at same time.
Is there at least one sink that wheelchair can roll under?  Yes
Are soap dispensers and hand dryers/paper towel dispensers at wheelchair height? Yes
Is an adjustable-height lecturn/podium available? No
Is the main stage accessible by ramp? ABC will plan for a ramp to the main stage if needed.


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