ABC Connect

Back by Popular Demand: The ABC Connect Room!  This is THE place to connect with others at ABC.  Who should visit us?  Newcomers, old-timers, and everyone in between.  Reconnect with old friends.  Make new ones.  Find people with mutual interests or develop something new.  Connections can range from finding a coffee buddy to discovering soulmates with whom to share your work. 


At ABC there are no strangers: just folks we haven’t had the pleasure to know yet.  Please come and connect—or reconnect--with us.  And don’t worry if you will be attending our conference virtually.  Through the magic of technology, ABC Connect will be there for you. 


Please help us to continue to build upon and expand ABC Connect.  Together we can do so much.  The only thing missing is you.    

ABC Connect is virtual at scheduled times.

Questions?  Contact Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Jacqui Lowman.