If you are experiencing any issues connecting to Pathable, try these solutions.


  • Pathable works best on Google Chrome. Use the Chrome browser.
  • Refresh the web page in your browser.
  • Pathable can also work with Microsoft Edge, though Chrome works best.
  • Close all windows and programs not needed for the event to reduce computer activity.
  • Ensure ad-blocking software in your browser is turned off.
  • Ensure any VPN you may have is disabled.
  • Disable any plugins.
  • Clear cache and cookies; restart browser.
  • Try an incognito window within your web browser.
  • Make sure you have strong internet access. Are there others using your connections?
  • If a company device is being used (especially a government device or log in), security protocols can interfere. Use a personal device and see if it makes a difference.

NOTE:  If late registering, allow at least one hour for processing.   For technical assistance while logged onto the conference, use the Pathable online support.  If you are unable to log in to Pathable or if you need registration assistance or other technical support, send your request here.