2021 Annual International Conference

86th Annual International Conference
October 18 to October 23, 2021

Partnering with Global Advances in Business Communication (GABC)



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Click here for schedule (downloadable pdf) as of Oct 19.  If you submitted a  “regular” presentation, it is grouped in a time slot with two other presentations. You will have 15 minutes to present and about 5 minutes for questions and answers.  All presenters should arrive to their session 15-20 minutes prior scheduled time to meet with the moderator and other presenters for that time slot.  Even if planning to pre-record and upload your presentation, we hope you will present live.


Click here to see the speakers.  Learn about speakers, along with what and when they are presenting. 

Moderator Planning

Moderators have received assignments and expect speakers to enter the Zoom 20 minutes prior scheduled time.  Moderators are noted in conference schedule. 

Troubleshooting Tips 

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Monday, October 18
Sessions begin - Global Advances in Business Communication (GABC)
Tuesday, October 19
Regional meetings
Committee meetings
ABC sessions begin
Workshops begin
Wednesday, October 20
Committee meetings                
Sessions continue
Workshops continue
Thursday and Friday, October 21-22
Plenary - ABC President and ABC Second Vice President Oct 21, 1315-1500
New Attendee Welcome Oct 21, 1215-1300
Sessions continue
Saturday, October 23


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First Time Attendee Tips

  • Attend the First Time Attendee gathering October 21, 12:15 PM Eastern Time and hear from the ABC President and ABC Executive Director.
  • Participate in a workshop to make even more connections.
  • Take care of yourself.  Consider gentle stretching and meditation.  Make good choices; allow time to process your thoughts and take time for a bit of quiet each day.  Enjoy fresh air and exercise. Get enough sleep. 
  • If you need a friend or mentor, visit ABC Connect; you will discover seasoned ABC members who are happy to "show you the ropes." 
  • Practice your presentation, then record it and produce a transcript well in advance of the conference.  Be prepared to upload your presentation when directed to do so.  You may present live.


Workshops participants will walk away with a new approach to teaching, researching, or consulting in the realm of business communication.  Times reflected are in the Eastern Time Zone.

Enhancing Cultural Competence toward Inclusive Leadership
Tuesday, OCT 19 1300-1600

This interactive workshop will focus on cultural competence and unconscious bias; and provide participants with a Cultural Competence self-assessment designed to explore individual awareness, knowledge, and skills toward cultural competence. The workshop will challenge participants to become champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion by applying the following skills: recognizing cultural incompetence; combating unconscious bias; and assessing social responsibility.

  • Tiesha Douglas, University of North Carolina

Integrating Positive Communication Principles and Practices in Business Communication Courses: An Interactive, Action-Based Workshop 
Wednesday, OCT 20 1430-1630

This workshop will demonstrate how instructors can integrate positive communication principles and practices in business and professional communication courses. The authors offer a model of positive communication that was specifically developed to help learners communicate more positively -- a model which has been tested in their courses with meaningful and impactful activities, exercises, and assignments.

  • Julien Mirivel, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
  • Ryan Fuller, California State University, Sacramento
  • Amy Young, University of Michigan
  • Kristen Christman, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Teaching Cross-Cultural Business Communication: An Experiential Approach 
Thursday, OCT 21 1000-1200

Business students need to understand translation, localization, and their own blind spots as they enter the modern corporate world. In this workshop, we will explore experiential teaching techniques to help students understand how to avoid translation failures, how to be sensitive to cultural differences, and how to embrace diversity in the workplace.

  • Marianna Richardson, Brigham Young University
  • Diego Calderone, Brigham Young University
  • Jose Polanco, Brigham Young University

Artificial Intelligence for Business Communication
Saturday AM, OCT 23 0830-1130

This interactive workshop focuses on AI technologies that are impacting business communication. Join us as we demo some of these technologies and form working groups to continue working on research and teaching about AI-assisted communication.

  • Peter W. Cardon, University of Southern California
  • Jolanta Aritz, University of Southern California
  • Stephen Carradini, Arizona State University
  • Kristen M Getchell, Babson College
  • James Stapp, Oklahoma State University
  • Carolin Fleischmann, University of Applied Sciences Ansbach, co-author
  • Haibing Ma, DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd, co-author

Developing Competencies for Communicating and Working Across Cultures in the Classroom: A Team-Based Learning Approach
Saturday AM, OCT 23 0830-1130

This workshop illustrates how students can learn on the topic of negotiations across cultures using a Team-Based Learning (TBL) approach. The workshop will be highly interactive with attendees participating in a full TBL sequence of activities using a cross-cultural negotiation simulation. The module will enable attendees to discover how TBL can help future global leaders successfully communicate in international settings. Participants will leave this workshop with a new approach to teaching both Business Communication and global leadership.

  • Judith Ainsworth, McGill University
  • Annelise Ly, Norwegian School of Economics

Earn Accreditation in SOCIAL STYLE® to Expand Students’ Interpersonal and Inclusive Communication Skills
Saturday, OCT 23 1030-1330

Demonstrating versatility and inclusive communication skills is critical in today’s global business environment. During this workshop you can earn accreditation in SOCIAL STYLE®, a communication skills program used by companies in over 100 countries, and integrate this profile into your business communication courses. Using SOCIAL STYLE®, students can learn interpersonal communication tools to effectively manage conflict and navigate cross-cultural communication.

  • Judy Tisdale, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
  • David Collins, TRACOM Group
  • Daisy Lovelace, Duke University
  • Jana Seijts, Western University

Submissions Guidelines & Reviewers

Submission Guidelines with samples.  (Submissions closed, except posters.)

Want to Participate in Sponsored Sessions?

  •  How Do You Teach Diversity and Inclusion? with Jacqui Lowman  Click here for more information.  (Closed)
  •  My Favorite Assignment with D. Joel Whalen - Click here for more information.   (Closed)
  •  Business Practices Committee panel with Sam DeKayClick here for more information. (Closed)
  •  Graduate Studies Panel with Stephen Carradini and Abby Koenig - Click here for more information. (Closed)


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Conference Contacts

The annual conference provides networking opportunities and supports ongoing professional development.  Our mission as conference planners is to help ABC members reach their goals and experience all that ABC has to offer, while we are shaping the future of business communication in an uncertain world.   

ABC Conference Co-chairs
Ryan Fuller and Susan Schanne

GABC Conference Co-chairs
Gail Cruise and Susan Schanne