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Session Title:

Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word in the Title, per APA Guidelines.

Session Type:

Most submissions are either regular, panel, or poster.



Primary Presenter:

Avoid manual entry of presenter details (no need to key in email addresses and university/business names). Select "Organization Member" or "Organization Guest", then key in last initial.  Select name; press enter. 

Presenter 2+:

Avoid manual entry of presenter details.  Select "Organization Member" or "Organization Guest", then key in last initial.  Select name; press enter.

Presenters must be either an "Organization Member" or "Organization Guest".  A co-presenter can create a free Organization Guest account (no member benefits), by visiting the ABC membership page at:


Co-author 1+:

Co-authors have contributed to the intellectual property being submitted, but they are not expected to present

60 words or fewer, written in 3rd person, that best describes presentation. Define acronyms.

Be sure to "market" your presentation and spell out acronyms.  Proofread!

If this a panel with individual presentations, see optional "multi-presenter" field farther below.

Extended Abstract of 750-1000 words will be published in the Proceedings with your permission.

Consider writing from point-of-view of Proceedings (This presentation...vs this proposal....) Proofread!

Word Count:

The 750 to 1000 requested word count does not include any references. 

Total Presenters:

Presenters are those who will be at the conference and presenting this paper.  (Co-authors are those not expected to present the paper, but who should be credited as co-authors.)

Focus: Teaching, Research, Consulting & Practice

If proposing a Lightning Roundtable, enter theme:

For 75-minute time slot, roundtable must have at least 6 presenters. 


Indicate if proposal is supported by . . .:

 Recipient 2020 Distinction in the Practice of Diversity and Inclusion Award

 Recipient 2020 Award for Excellence in Communication Consulting

 Recipient 2020 Meada Gibbs Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award

 Recipient 2020 Kitty O. Locker Outstanding Researcher Award

 C.R. Anderson Foundation






Criteria Understanding:

I understand the criteria below are being used to select the proposals approved for the conference.

Does Proposal Clearly Meet Evaluation Criteria?:

 Defines Theme

 Describes Purpose

 Describes Goals

 Describes Methodology

 Describes Outcomes

 Extended Abstract of 750-1000 Words and Spell-checked. PROOFREAD.

 Abstract Describes Presentation to Attract Attendees in 60-words or less and is Written in 3rd Person

Besides GABC tracks, Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable, Posters, Research Roundtable, or My Favorite Assignment, ABC REQUESTS ONLY ONE SUBMISSION naming you as presenter or co-presenter. Did you limit submissions?

 I agree, and co-presenters (if any) agree to register and present at this conference.

Your rigorous submission helps us continually improve the conference experience for all.   Correct your grammer before submitting.  Proofread!

Proceedings Permission

I grant the Association for Business Communication permission to publicly display my extended abstract (proposal). Should I choose to revoke this permission, I understand I may do so by contacting or other such contact as directed by the Association for Business Communication.


Virtual / In-person

Should this become a hybrid conference with an in-person component, tell us your interest.

  I/we only want to present virtually.

  I/we only want to present if an in-person opportunity becomes available.

  I/we are willing to present either virtually or in-person.

Multiple-presentation Titles & Program Text:

Is this a panel with individual presentations?  If so, please list presenter names, presentation titles, and a 60-word (or fewer) description, written in the third person of each presentation for program insert. Spell out acronyms.

List names in order of desired presentation using this format:

Presenter Name, Title, Description
Presenter Name, Title, Description
Presenter Name, Title, Description




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