Welcome to ABC's Updated Website

Hi, Fellow ABC-er,

Welcome to the new ABC website. You'll find that there are a lot of new features for you to use.

One of the things that we really want to do at ABC is to make sure that it is a year-round experience. So in between all of those conferences, what are the many ways we as ABC members can connect with one another?

You'll notice with some of these new tools that there are a lot of mechanisms for you to stay in touch with other people that you have professional interests in. So there are two things that you can do right away.

  1. Fill out My Profile, which is the basic information about yourself
  2. Fill out My Page, which is what you show to other ABC members. You can add all kinds of information or documents that you would like other people to see.

Thanks for your help with these activities. I think we'll have a really robust network of ABC members really quickly.

Thank you.
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