Call for Moderators - ABC Conference

Dear ABC Members and GABC Colleagues,

ABC needs volunteers to moderate conference sessions for our 86th Annual International Conference that we’re hosting virtually in partnership with Global Advances in Business Communication (GABC) from Monday, October 18, to Saturday, October 23. The moderator assignments vary in length from about 1.5 hours to about 5 hours. Find how to view a detailed list of the sessions by day/room and learn how to sign up here.

Think of this work as a cross between serving as a Session Chair and a Room Host.  As you’ll see in the tasks below, you will both keep time, start/stop recordings, and serve as the link between the concurrent sessions and the ABC leadership team at Conference Central.

To honor your contribution, we will list you on the schedule/program.  In addition, if you volunteer for 9 hours or more (three, 3-hour sessions OR 2, 4.5-hour sessions OR some other combination), we will offer you a 10% discount for next year’s registration.  You’ll be paying forward (in terms of service), and you’ll be “paid” for your time.

Please consider helping us to ensure this year’s event runs smoothly. Volunteers must register for the conference.

Moderator Tasks: 

  • Join the Zoom session about 15-20 minutes early (along with presenters for that session)
  • Ask session presenters whether they are willing to be recorded.
  • Remind session attendees about Zoom etiquette 
  • Keep time for each presenter
  • Serve as liaison to and communicate with the conference team in the event of a technical glitch
  • Facilitate question and answer sessions immediately following the presentations. (Attendees will be asked to post a "Q" or write the word "Question" in the Zoom chat.)
  • Press record to start recording the session for those presenters who are willing to be recorded
  • End the session at the scheduled time and conclude the recording
  • Have fun

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the conference chairs, Marilyn Buerkens, or me.

I am looking forward to working with all who volunteer and seeing everyone who presents!




Jim Dubinsky

ABC Executive Director

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