CFP for the 2022 ABC MLA Panel: "Communicating Inclusivity and Diversity in the Workplace" (Due: 07 March 2021)

Conference: Modern Language Association Convention

Location: Washington, D.C.

Dates: 6–9 January 2022

Full name of organization: Association for Business Communication

Contact email: 

Due date for abstracts: 07 March 2021

Call for papers/abstracts: Cross-cultural communication skills and inclusive communication strategies are often considered core communication competencies. "Diversity rhetoric," which Sabrina K. Pasztor "define[s] as the art and science of developing a consistent language and ideology intended to convey the presence of organizational inclusion and lack of bias in employment practices," also features prominently in contemporary workplace communication. Recent publications of the Association for Business Communication have researched issues of inclusivity and diversity in workplace communication (see Pasztor, 2019; Ortiz, 2020). This panel considers the state of diversity and business communication; why the topic of diversity and inclusion related to business communication and communication training has become a political issue; and how scholars can build upon previous scholarship.

Presentation topics could consider research about inclusive and diverse writing or communication training; communication strategies; pedagogy about classroom inclusivity/diversity; online statements about inclusivity and diversity in the workplace; and similar topics. Topics could also include representations of diversity in the workplace in fiction; the history of diversity and professional communication; analyses or critiques of media representations of inclusivity and diversity; successful or unsuccessful case studies of inclusivity and diversity initiatives in the workplace; as well as other ideas not listed here.

Submission: Submit a 300-word abstract, including references, for a 15-minute presentation to William Christopher Brown at by 07 March 2021.  Selections will be made through blind review. All identifying information should be removed from submissions. 

Required memberships: To participate in this panel, all participants must be members of both the Association for Business Communication and the Modern Language Association by 07 April 2021.


Ortiz, L.A. (2020). Reframing neurodiversity as competitive advantage: Opportunities, challenges, and resources for business and professional communication educators. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 83(3), 261-284.

Pasztor, S.K. (2019). Exploring the framing of diversity rhetoric in "top-rated in diversity" organizations. International Journal of Business Communication, 56(4), 455-475.

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