Upcoming Albuquerque Deadlines

Peer and Mentor Reviews

A big thank you to those of who have submitted peer or mentor reviews early for annual conference proposals. If you haven’t yet submitted your review, please submit by the deadline on Monday, April 18th.

If you submitted your proposal for peer review, you should expect to receive a decision and reviewer feedback shortly after the 18th. Peer mentor feedback will also be sent after the 18th.

Pre-Conference Workshop Proposal Deadline - Monday, April 18th

Do you have an an idea or topic that you would like to share with ABC colleagues that doesn’t fit other session types? Workshops are interactive themed events that engage participants in approaches or activities that provide them with a “take away” or new approach to their teaching, research, consulting, or service in business communication.

If you’d like to discuss your idea prior to submitting, please feel free to contact us. We'll be glad to receive your proposals for pre-conference workshops!

To submit, visit the conference page at: http://www.businesscommunication.org/page/2016-annual and "jump to" proposal submissions.

We are going to have a fine time in Albuquerque enchanting and engaging our stakeholders in business communication.

Barbara D'Angelo and Virginia Hemby-Grubb
Conference Co-Chairs


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