8 am - 11am      Concurrent

Equity, Diversity, Inclusiveness: Preparing Students for Critical Conversations in Today’s Workplace

Equity, diversity, and inclusiveness (EDI) are more than trendy buzzwords. They represent a change in the fundamental mindset that informs how companies do business, create and maintain their organizational cultures, and hire and train their employees. This workshop explores how business communication instructors can help students understand, and prepare for, the critical workplace conversations around issues of diversity and inclusiveness.

Paula Lentz, University of Wisconsin and Kathy Rentz, University of Cincinnati

Get On Your Feet: Using Technology Tools to Evolve Beyond the Canned Elevator Pitch

Participants will learn to help students cultivate their professional persona and communicate it through interconnected online platforms. By the end of this session, participants will create their own versions of the professional video and digital profile. Participants will gain tools and ideas for implementing similar assignments at their institutions. Participants will need an internet-connected device.

Michael Mandel, University of Arizona