Revisions Due by September 15, 2020


Why Participate in the Proceedings?

  •     To widely distribute your scholarship via the ABC Annnual Conference Proceedings, ISSN 2472-0658
  •     To create a permanent link to your work archived on the ABC website.
  •     To gather feedback for further publication in one of the ABC journals.
  •     To help prepare your oral presentation.


What is New?

The Board of Directors approved in 2019 a significant change in the structure of the proceedings. Instead of containing only submitted articles, the proceedings will include all conference proposals (extended abstract), with your previously stated permission (from the submission form), approved by the Proceedings Editorial Review Board. The primary criteria for approval will be the two reviewers' comments, made during the annual conference blind review process, and whether or not necessary or requested changes were made to the proposals. The goal is to have a more detailed record of our conferences than either the conference program, which includes only abstracts, or a very select number of articles that have represented previous volumes of our Proceedings.

The Proceedings Editorial Review Board wants to ensure that ABC's Proceedings retain their traditional standards of quality. You may review and revise your proposal carefully towards improving your proposal's coherence, clarity, correctness, and its relevance for ABC members. We ask that you focus your revision on the proposal’s connection to the discipline, in terms of research or praxis. If desired, you may expand your proposal without word limits.  All revisions are due by September 15, 2020.

During the submission process, the proposal blind reviewers may have noted comments to suggest modifications beyond those listed above.  If so, the proceedings team contacted the submitter to share those comments. Please consider these comments and the aforementioned general guidelines as you review your proposals. The finished proceedings will continue to be posted under the Publications tab on ABC's website and will be available for review for and citation by anyone interested in business communication.

Who will Edit my Submission?

The Proceedings Review Board will review submissions and will format them; the Proceedings Review Board will not edit them. The quality of the submission is your (the author's) responsibility. Should you not take any steps to edit or improve your proposal, the Proceedings Review Board may decline to include it. In addition, should you want to expand the proposal to a longer piece or add materials, please consider doing so.

The Submitter (not co-presenter) can edit submission.

How to Edit Submission

To edit submission, log into the ABC site and click My Profile, then click My Options. Next, select My Presentations (at bottom of list—lower right corner). Click your desired submission.

From the submission, find pencil icon on left. After clicking the pencil, edit as desired. (You will find co-author section by scrolling down past the long list of co-presenters.) Go to bottom and press OK when done.

Do You Want to Participate in Proceedings?

If the conference proposal submitter gave permission for the extended abstract to be published in the Proceedings, the Proceedings Team will consider for publication.  Should the submitter wish to decline participation after previously granting permission, the submission must be edited by September 15 to decline permission.  Should the submitter have previously declined permission, but wants to participate afterall, the submission must be edited by September 15 to grant permission.

When are Proceedings Published?

Only papers that are presented at the conference will be included in the proceedings. Therefore, the proceedings will be published after the conference.

Want to Serve on the Proceedings Editorial Review Board Committee?

Contact Leigh Ann Whittle, Proceedings Editorial Review Board Chair


Leigh Ann Whittle, Proceedings Editor
Dirk Remley, Conference Liaison to Proceedings