Outstanding Article in International Journal of Business Communication Award Winners

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Augustine Pang, Singapore Management University; Yan Jin, University of Georgia; Youngi Seo, Syracuse University; Sung In Choi, University of Georgia; Hui-Xun Teo; La Duke Phuong; and Bryan Reber, University of Georgia (2022). Breaking the sound of silence: Explication in the use of strategic silence in crisis communication. International Journal of Business Communication, 59 (2), 219 - 241. DOI: 10.1177/23294884211046357.


Abram Anders, Iowa State University
"Human-Centered Leadership Development: A Communication-Based Approach for Promoting Authentic and Transformational Leadership." International Journal of Business Communication. https://doi.org/10.1177/232948842110565


Danielle LaGree, J. Brian Houston, Margaret Duffy, and Haejung Shin, University of Missouri
“The Effect of Respect: Respectful Communication at Work Drives Resiliency, Engagement, and Job Satisfaction among Early Career Employees.”
International Journal of Business Communication, https://doi.org/10.1177/23294884211016529


Cen April Yue, Linjuan Rita Men, and Mary Ann Ferguson, University of Florida
"Examining the Effects of Internal Communication and Emotional Culture on Employees’ Organizational Identification." International Journal of Business Communication, https://doi.org/10.1177/2329488420914066


Patricia Sias & Kaylin Duncan, University of Arizona
"Not Just for Customers Anymore: Organization Facebook, Employee Social Capital, and Organizational Identification." International Journal of Business Communication, https://doi.org/10.1177/2329488418765930


Deborah Andrews,  University of Delaware
"A space for place in business communication research." International Journal of Business Communication, 54 (3), 325 - 336, 2017.


Alexander Laskin, Quinnipiac University
"Nonfinancial Information in Investor Communications." International Journal of Business Communication, vol. 53, 4: pp. 375-397. 


Matthew Weber, Rutgers University
Gail Fann Thomas, Naval Postgraduate School
Kimberlie Stephens, University of Southern California
"Organizational Disruptions and Triggers for Divergent Sensemaking." International Journal of Business Communication, 52(1), 68-96.

Maria Vernuccio, Sapienza University of Rome
"Communicating Corporate Brands Through Social Media, An Exploratory Study." International Journal of Business Communication, 51(3), 211-233.

Jennifer Mize Smith, Western Kentucky University
“Philanthropic Identity at Work, Employer Influences on the Charitable Giving Attitudes and Behaviors of Employees." International Journal of Business Communication, 50(2), 128-151.

Zachary Hart, Northern Kentucky University
"Message Content and Sources During Organizational Socialization." International Journal of Business Communication, 49(3), 191-209.

Award not given

Jason Snyder, Central Connecticut State University
“The Central Role of Communication in Developing Trust and Its Effect on Employee Involvement. The Journal of Business Communication, 46 (3), 287-310.

Gail Fann Thomas, Naval Postgraduate School
Roxanne Zolin, Queensland University of Technology
Jackie Hartman, Colorado State University
“The Central Role of Communication in Developing Trust and Its Effect on Employee Involvement. The Journal of Business Communication, 46 (3), 287-310.

Award not given

Priscilla Rogers, University of Michigan
Nittaya Campbell, University of Waikato
Leena Louhiala-Salminen, Helsinki School of Economics
Kathy Rentz, University of Cincinnati
Jim Suchan, The Naval Postgraduate School
“The impact of perceptions of journal quality on business and management communication academics.” The Journal of Business Communication, 44(4), 403-426.

Bertha Du-Babcock, City University of Hong Kong
“An analysis of topic management strategies and turn-taking behavior in the Hong Kong bilingual environment: The impact of culture and language use.” The Journal of Business Communication, 43 (1), 21-42.

Bart van den Hooff, University of Amsterdam
Jasper Groot, Demon Internet, Amsterdam
Sander de Jonge, LogicaCMG, Amstelveen
“Situational influences on the use of communication technologies; a meta-analysis and exploratory study.” The Journal of Business Communication, 42(1), 4-27.

Priscilla S. Rogers, University of Michigan
Jane Thomas, University of Michigan
Mian Lian Ho, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Irene F.H. Wong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Catherine Ooi Lan Cheng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
“Preparing new entrants for subordinate reporting: A decision-making framework.” The Journal of Business Communication, 41 (4), 370-401.

Helen Rothschild Ewald, Iowa State University
Roberta Vann, Iowa State University
“You’re a guaranteed winner: Composing ‘you’ in a consumer culture.” The Journal of Business Communication, 40(2), 98-117.

Thomas Clark, Xavier University
Candace Gunnarsson, Xavier University
Kyle Skeldon, Xavier University
Heidi Amshoff, Xavier University
“The impact of profitability, certainty, and degree of fine on the persuasiveness of environmental assessment reports.” The Journal of Business Communication 39(2), 169-193.

Karl Smart, Brigham Young University, Utah
Kristen DeTienne, Brigham Young University, Utah
Matthew Whiting, Microsoft Corporation
“Assessing the need for printed and online documentation: A study of customer preference and use.” Journal of Business Communication 38(3), 285-315.

Daphne A. Jameson, Cornell University, New York
“Telling the investment story: A narrative analysis of shareholder reports.” The Journal of Business Communication 37 (1), 7-38.

2000 (co-winners)
Sharon M. Livesey, Fordham University, New York
“McDonald’s and the Environmental Defense Fund: A case study of a green alliance.” The Journal of Business Communication, 26(1), 5-39.


Nongluck Sriussadaporn-Charoenngam, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
Fredric M. Jablin, University of Richmond, Virginia
“An explanatory study of communication competence in Thai organizations.” The Journal of Business Communication, 36(4), 382-418.

Jim Suchan, Naval Postgraduate School
“The effect of high-impact writing on decision making within a public sector bureaucracy.” The Journal of Business Communication 35 (3), 299-327.