Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award in Memory of Meada Gibbs


The purpose of the award is to recognize, encourage, and reward excellence to an ABC member whose teaching has made an outstanding contribution to the business communication discipline. The recipient of the award is a person who, in the judgment of the Teaching Committee, has made a significant contribution to business communication teaching methodology and concepts during the three years preceding the presentation of the award.

The award recipient receives a plaque and $1,500 USD contributed by a Special Friend of ABC.

The recipient will deliver a presentation or workshop at the ABC Annual International Conference the year following receipt of the award.

Eligibility Criteria

The Teaching Committee considers the overall record of the recipient, with primary emphasis on the impact of the recipient’s teaching philosophy or methodology in business communication. Selection criteria include but are not limited to the following areas:

  1. Conference presentations and publications (publications must include teaching-related articles in the Business and Professional Communication Quarterly and/or International Journal of Business Communication).
  2. Current teaching or training experience with business communication courses and/or related courses.
  3. Evidence of positive student or participant evaluations.
  4. Evidence of positive administrative or peer evaluations.


Any member of the Association who has not won the award in the past and who is not a current member of the Teaching Committee may nominate a candidate for the Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award.

Applicants may self-nominate or may be nominated by an ABC member. Nomination letters on your institutional letterhead, should be sent by .pdf email attachment, to the Teaching Committee's Meada Gibbs Subcommittee Chair, Andrew Quagliata, by June 3.
For prior candidates who are being renominated, a new nomination letter is required.

Application Procedures

The chair will acknowledge receipt of the nomination via email to the nominator and nominee.  The nominee should log in to ABC and submit an application package to this survey by June 14.  The package should be a portfolio including:

  1. Resume (limited to 3 pages)
  2. A statement of teaching philosophy
  3. Description of research and its significance to teaching business communication (including 2-3 recent publications or abstracts)
  4. Evidence of positive teaching evaluations (limited to 6 pages) and a brief explanation
  5. Letters of support from dean and department chair
  6. Dean and Department Chair name and email address, along with any other individual for press release contact.
  7. Photograph (include both in portfolio and as separate file upload)
  8. List of up to 10 most significant publications, including at least one pedagogical article from either Business and Professional Communication Quarterly or International Journal of Business Communication (formerly Journal of Business Communication)

The portfolio must not exceed 30 pages. The committee will not consider incomplete portfolios nor any pages beyond 30.

Evaluation Process

Committee members will independently review the credentials of each nominee and determine a winner. The recipient will be announced during the annual conference. Members of the ABC Teaching Committee are ineligible to receive the award.


The award winner will be notified approximately July 30.

Teaching Committee, Meada Gibbs Subcommittee Chair
Andrew Quagliata, Cornell University

Previous Winners