Award for Excellence in Communication Consulting

The Association of Professional Communication Consultants (APCC) and the Association for Business Communication (ABC) invite full- and part-time communication consultants to apply for a jointly sponsored, annual Award for Excellence in Communication Consulting. The award winner, to be named at the ABC International Conference will receive a plaque or certificate. The winner will receive $1,000, to subsidize the cost of presenting the project at the 2025 conference. The winner will also be invited to be a member of the 2025 award evaluation committee.

The Award for Excellence in Communication Consulting honors the impact of effective professional communication consulting on the corporate, government, and nonprofit worlds. The award also acknowledges the contribution of communication consultants to the ABC community.

Eligibility Criteria

The winner must be a member of ABC and must either be a full-time consultant or show evidence of significant part-time consulting. Members of the evaluation committee and past award winners are not eligible to receive an award. Student projects completed for coursework or as a degree requirement are also not eligible. Projects completed as “work for hire” must produce permission from the owner to be submitted

The award may be presented in one of three categories: Excellence in Writing, Excellence in Training, and Excellence in Electronic Media. The Call for Proposals describes the criteria for each category, the application procedure, and eligibility requirements. Submit nomination materials by first logging in to ABC and then submitting materials here.    

Deadline for Self Nominations: June 24, 2024  

Preparing for Following Year's Conference

The recipient will present a paper at the following year’s conference and should submit their paper during the submission period.

Winners of the Award for Excellence in Communication Consulting

  • 2023  Not Awarded
  • 2022  Not Awarded
  • 2021  Jenny Morse, Colorado State University
  • 2020  Theomary Karamanis, Cornell University
  • 2019  Curtis Newbold, Westminster College
  • 2018  Rita Owens, Boston College
  • 2017  Karin Goettsch, The Mosaic Company and University of Minnesota
  • 2016  Carolyn Boccella Bagin, Center for Clear Communication, Inc.
  • 2015  Sana Reynolds, Baruch College, City University of New York