Grapevine Detroit '19

Peer reviewers from ABC have recommended that the following papers from the conference held in Detroit, Michigan, "Innovations with Business Communication: Companies, Communities, and Classrooms," October 23-26, 2019:

Selections from the ABC 2019 Annual Conference

Assignment Materials 

The "Eyes" Have It
Dana E. Bible

Removing Vocal Fillers——Teacher's choice: "Um Day" (Cerebral) or "Call of Duty: Filler Ops!"

Andrew Hunt and Raihan Jamil

A Rhetorical Analysis of a Business Card
William Christopher Brown

Inculcating a Shared Student Team Identity via Collaborative Composing Activities
Lynn B. McCool

Professional Writing Escape Room
Adam M. Lloyd

An Elevator Speech with a Twist
Jacquelyn Lowman

Memorable Verbal Communication
Kimberly R. Jordan