Technology Committee

Identifies ways for ABC to use social media and other technologies for conferences and association communications.


  1. Continue to offer and promote virtual presentations for ABC members at the annual conference.
  2. Identify opportunities for piloting various virtual conferences during a future ABC conference.
  3. Continue to create new website features such as blogs, badges, and social login.
  4. Encourage the use of social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn to benefit members. 
  5. Develop guidelines via ABC Office Manager for member use of the ABC community software platform.
  6. Recommend new charges for the following year.
  7. Post September 1 annual report on your community forum site and email copy to First VIce President.

Community Page

The Community Page for this committee is for members and links to the committee's forum and file library.

Committee Members 2018

Name End of 3-Year Term (Renewable)
William Christopher Brown    10/27/2018
Andy Cavanaugh 12/31/2022
Gail Cruise 10/27/2018
James Dubinsky, Ex Officio    
Catherine Flynn 10/23/2019
Stephen Lind 10/23/2019
Raihan Jamil 10/27/2018
Brannon Johnson 10/27/2018
Pius Onobhayedo 10/27/2018
Stephanie Smith, Chair 12/31/2022
Denise Wells 10/27/2018
Janna Wong 10/27/2018