040-001        Overview

Committee Structure

The Association works through its committees. There are both standing (permanent or long-term) committees and ad hoc (temporary or short-term) committees.

Committee Purpose and Size

Each committee’s description of duties and responsibilities (often called charges) can be found on the committee web page on the ABC website.  Each year, the Vice President will review the charges and update them as necessary in consultation with the Executive Committee and other leaders as appropriate.


Standing Committees. The Vice President appoints members of standing committees for three-year renewable terms ending December 31. Committee members should be on staggered terms. Depending on the size and function of the committee, one-third to one-tenth of the members change each year.  Chairs shall be appointed to two-year terms and may be reappointed up to three times for a term limit of six years.

Ad Hoc Committees. The President appoints the chairs and members of ad hoc committees for the period required for them to complete their assignment and not to exceed the President’s tenure.


Membership on committees is open to any ABC member who is interested in promoting that committee’s work.

The Finance Committee shall include members who have a strong background or interest in accounting, finance, or business operations. The ABC Executive Director is an ex-officio member.

Graduate Studies Committee membership includes graduate students and faculty who teach in graduate programs offering courses or research opportunities in business communication.

Members of the MLA Liaison Committee will be members of both ABC and MLA.

Members of the NCA Liaison Committee will be members of both ABC and NCA.

The Proceedings Editorial Review Board shall include members who have strong editorial skills and an interest in supporting the conference proceedings.

The Student Competition Committee will include five members who have a strong interest in business writing and fostering student achievement.

Recipients of the Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award in Memory of Meada Gibbs become de facto Teaching Committee members.

Committee members of the OG and Bylaws Committee serve two-year terms. The committee is chaired by the Vice President, and includes a member with strong editorial skills and background or interest in bylaws and operations as well as up to two Directors at Large. Terms coincide with the Vice President’s terms.

Meeting at Annual Conference

Committees collaborate throughout the year to complete their charges and meet during the annual conference.


040-002        Committee Chairs

Overview of Duties

Committee chairs are responsible for:

  1. Carrying out the charge(s) issued annually by the Vice President.
  1. Attending quarterly meetings with the President and/or Vice President, three online and the fourth in-person as part of the Annual Conference.
  1. Recommending new charges for the following year.
  1. Recommending potential committee members to the Vice President.
  1. Commenting on members of their committee who have provided meritorious service and recommending rotation, removal, retention, or appointment to vice chair or chair and identifying interested parties and talent for leadership.
  1. Helping ABC achieve the committee’s related strategic plan objectives, if applicable.
  1. Keeping the Vice President apprised of the activities of their committees. The Vice President encourages committee chairs to seek advice and counsel directly, whenever needed.
  1. Submitting request to schedule the committee meeting at annual conference via the conference submission system.

Committee Reports

The chair collaborates with the committee members to prepare and submit reports.

Report Formats. Reports follow a format that is provided by the Vice President. A common format greatly facilitates the work of the Board.

Interim Report to Executive Committee. This report lists the mandate of the committee and the various charges given by the Vice President for the current year. The committee chair reports what has transpired since the committee’s last report (for the Board meeting at the annual conference) and the committee’s plans for the current year. Reports are to be submitted electronically to community shared files site and to the Committee Chair shared files for the Vice President by April 1 or other to-be-determined date.

Annual Report to the Board of Directors. This report lists the mission of the committee and the various charges given by the Vice President. This report includes recognition of committee members who have made substantial contributions and includes suggestions for the next year’s committee charges. The report should include persuasive rationales for any recommendations or proposals. The committee chair prepares the report and submits it electronically to community shared files site and to the Committee Chair shared files for the Vice President by September 1.

Evaluation of Committee Members. The Nominating Committee is directed by the Bylaws to place a great deal of significance on service to the Association (see Bylaw 3.3.6). In annual reports, committee chairs should commend committee members who have made substantial contributions to committee work. Committee chairs should also make recommendations to the Vice President about membership decisions for the upcoming year.