International Journal of Business Communication (IJBC)

Book Review Editor: Job Description

Book Review Editor

The Book Review Editor manages the solicitation, review, and acceptance process for book reviews submitted to the journal. 

The Book Review Editor is responsible for the following tasks:

Identify books

Identify books that warrant being reviewed and obtain review copies from the publishers if needed.

Identify authors of book reviews

Identify potential reviewers and solicit submissions.  Develop and transmit to potential reviewers the Book Review Guidelines which will also be posted on the Journal’s Web site.

Correspond with the author of the book review 

Acknowledge the receipt of a submitted book review; provide information about the status of its editorial review as necessary.

Provide feedback to the author. 

Provide feedback to the author of the book review. Convey the editorial decision (accept for publication, revise and resubmit, or reject), made in consultation with the Editor(s)-in-Chief, and provide guidance to the author for revisions if appropriate.  Feedback letters are first approved by the editor(s)-in-chief.


The Book Review Editor is a member of ABC. He/she/they are familiar with the field of group facilitation from an academic and practitioner perspective and is able to recruit book-review authors.  Experience with a peer-reviewed journal as a reviewer or editor is beneficial.

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