History of ABC: Publications

The first (and only) ACTBW Bulletin appeared in December 1936. The first ABWA Bulletin appeared in 1937. As the organization's name changed, so did The Bulletin's: it became The ABCA Bulletin and then The ABC Bulletin. In 1994, the Board of Directors approved changing the name to Business Communication Quarterly.

The first Journal of Business Communication was published in October 1963. Now several journals publish research in business, managerial, and professional commu nication, but for decades JBC was the only journal specifically devoted to business communication.

Early on, ABC also got into the business of publishing books. By 1985 ABC (and its precursors) had published 21 books. ABC's most recent publication, Communication and Technology: Today and Tomorrow, was our birthday gift to attenders of the 1995 convention in Orlando.