Graduate Studies Committee

Promotes opportunities for graduate students and explores possibilities for developing graduate-level business communication programs.

Community Page

The Community Page for this committee is for members and links to the committee's forum and file library.

Committee Members 2018

Name End of 3-Year Term (Renewable)
Matt Baker 12/31/2020
Stephen Carradini, Chair 12/31/2020
Ashley Clayson 12/31/2020
Rodney Carveth 12/31/2019
Lourdes Fernandez 12/31/2020
Catherine Flynn 12/31/2019
Frank Jaster 12/31/2019
Becky Morrison 12/31/2019
Esterina Nervino 12/31/2020
Ashley Patriarca 12/31/2020
Vincent Robles 12/31/2020
Katie Robisch 12/31/2020
Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt 12/31/2020
Tana Schiewer 12/31/2019
Matthew R. Sharp 12/31/2020