Conference Procedures Committee

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The Community Page for this committee is for members and links to the committee's forum and file library.

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Committee Members 2018

Name End Date
Laurie Bott 12/31/2019
Jean Bush-Bacelis 12/31/2020
Roger Conaway 12/31/2019
Valerie Creelman 12/31/2018
Gail Cruise 12/31/2020
Barbara D'Angelo, Co-Chair 12/31/2019
James M. Dubinsky, Ex Officio
Virginia Hemby, Co-Chair 12/31/2019
Rebecca Pope-Ruark 12/31/2018
Kathryn Rybka 12/31/2019
Teresa Sekine 12/31/2019
Jennifer Veltsos 12/31/2017
Andy Wysor 12/31/2017
Maryann Wysor 12/31/2017