Business Practices Committee

Researches current practices and issues in the business community; actively involved in various themed sections in ABC publications and conferences.


  1. Publish the “Focus on Business Practices” themed section in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly (BPCQ).
  2. Seek to involve Corporate Communications International (CCI) to contribute to the “Focus on Business Practices” (FOBP) themed section.
  3. Research current practices and issues in the business community.
  4. Recommend new charges for the following year.
  5. Request committee members additions/drops by first logging into ABC and then completing the quick Committee Update Request form at:
  6. Post September 1 annual report on your committee forum site and email copy to First VIce President.

Community Page

The Community Page for this committee is for members and links to the committee's forum and file library.

Committee Members 2020

Name End of 3-Year Term (Renewable)
Judith Ainsworth 12/31/2021
Peter Cardon 12/31/2021
Carol Carter 12/31/2022
Rod Carveth 12/31/2023
Linda Cresap 12/31/2023
Smiljka Cubelic 12/31/2021
Sam DeKay, Chair 12/31/2021
Katherine Fleck 12/31/2021
Gina Genova 12/31/2021
Kristen Getchell 12/31/2021
Jamie Granger 12/31/2021
Terri Grant 12/31/2021
Fadia Hassan 12/31/2022
Virginia Hemby 12/31/2021
LeeAnne Kryder 12/31/2021
Ewa Kusmierczyk 12/31/2021
Kathy Langston 12/31/2021
David Leapard 12/31/2023
Susan Luck 12/31/2023
Sky Marsen 12/31/2021
Sarah Mellen 12/31/2021
Rakesh C. Mittoo 12/31/2021
Clive Muir 12/31/2021
Ashley Nelson 12/31/2023
Lorelei Ortiz 12/31/2021
Marcy Orwig 12/31/2022
Sabrina Pasztor 12/31/2021
Sheila Porterfield 12/31/2022
Dirk Remley 12/31/2021
Leslie Ramos Salazar 12/31/2021
Jacob D. Rawlins 12/31/2022
Naomi Warren 12/31/2023
Yong-Kang Wei 12/31/2021
Leigh A. Whittle 12/31/2022

Previous Chairs

Clive Muir, Stephen F. Austin State University, 2004-2008