Outstanding Article in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly


The award for Outstanding Article in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly is awarded annually to an article that meets the criteria described below. The award recipient(s) receive a plaque, a one-year full membership in the Association, and a monetary award of $500 USD contributed by Board-approved sponsor(s). By existing agreement, the Association for Business Communication permits the sponsors to publicize the names of the awardees in advertising.

The award is sponsored by textbook authors Mary Ellen Guffey and Dana Loewy.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible articles must meet the following criteria:

  1. Contributes significantly to scholarship, research, and/or pedagogy.
  2. Demonstrates originality of thought and careful investigation.
  3. Is well-written, lucid, and engaging.
  4. Is published in hard copy or OnlineFirst in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly in the calendar year preceding the annual conference at which the award is presented.

Authors are not eligible to receive this award two years in a row. Publications may not be nominated more than once.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations may be made by the author(s) or members at large. A call for Nominations is sent to
the members of ABC to make recommendations. The ABC Publication Board selects the recipient
of the award.
Submit your nominations to the Publication Board Chair (contact information below). Please include
complete publication information and a one-or-two paragraph rationale for the nomination in an
email message to the Publication Board chair. The ABC Publication Board selects the recipient of
the awards. Nomination letters must be received by the ABC Publication Board chair by July 8.

Publication Board Chair: Jason Snyder
Central Connecticut State University


The award winner will be notified approximately 90 days before the annual conference.

If the review committee finds no article worthy of the award in a given year, no award will be

Previous Winners