Academic Environment Committee

Investigates ways ABC can better serve its members in terms of teaching environment and professional development opportunities at their schools. Also provides liaison/alliance with AACSB (and other sister organizations) to share changes that affect business communicators.

Position Paper 2018


  1. Maintain on-going forum discussions with committee members about topics related to academic environment issues.
  2. Meet in person at the annual ABC conference. Committee chair should "submit" request to schedule the committee meeting at annual conference via the conference submission system (when prompted to submit committee meetings).
  3. Encourage members to develop ABC presentations and journal articles related to academic environment issues.
  4. Provide information to those interested in academic environment issues.
  5. Investigate how ABC can better serve its members in terms of the teaching environment and professional development opportunities.
  6. Help ABC achieve the committee’s related strategic plan objectives.
  7. Recommend new charges for the following year.
  8. Request committee members additions/drops by first logging into ABC and then completing the quick Committee Update Request form at:
  9. Post September 1 annual report on your community shared files site and also post to Committee Chair shared files for First Vice President.  Post interim report (near late February or other to-be-determined date) as directed.

Community Page

The Community Page for this committee is for members and links to the committee's forum and file library.

Committee Members 2021

Name End of 3-Year Term (Renewable)
Aida Andino-Pratts 12/31/2022
Peter Cardon 12/31/2023
Linda Cresap 12/31/2021
Debbie DuFrene 12/31/2022
Paula Lentz, Chair
Virginia Hemby 12/31/2022
Tricia Homer 12/31/2021
Holly Lawrence 12/31/2021
Christina Moore 12/31/2021
Ashton Mouton 12/31/2023
Ashley K. Nelson 12/31/2023
Dirk Remley 12/31/2021
Judy Tisdale 12/31/2023
Josephine Walwema 12/31/2021

Recent Prior Chairs

Holly Lawrence, University of Massachusetts Amherst