2017 Annual Conference - Description of Session Types

Presenters may share their work in a variety of different ways this year. Because space is limited and we expect high interest this year:

  1. Individuals may only submit one proposal in the categories of individual presentation or group panel. You may also submit to be a part of the lightning round or roundtables.
  2. Proposals should be 500-750 words detailing the theme, purpose, goals, methodology (if applicable), and expected take aways or proposed outcomes for the talk.  Please perform a word-count before you submit as our system will not automatically limit the count.
  3. Rather than select keywords related to your proposal, you will be asked to select one primary track for your presentation. Doing so will help our program chairs group papers on similar themes together to create more cohesive panels.  Selection of a particular track does not influence the selection process.
  4. Program insert is included in proposal screening and if accepted will be part of ABC archives.  Insert should entice attendees with key points of talk.  (60 word limit)

Spanish Sessions

We invite proposals written in Spanish to be presented in Spanish at the conference. Two sessions will be held (one Thursday, one Friday). Proposals may be for one speaker (15 minutes) to be grouped with 2 others or for a panel of 3 speakers (15 minutes each). We will issue a separate call for volunteers to read/review proposals that are submitted in Spanish.

Virtual Presentation 

We invite proposals for remote presentations. If you are unable to attend the conference in person, consider submitting a proposal to present from your location to attendees in Ireland. Two sessions will be held (one Thursday, one Friday).

Individual Presentations (15 minutes) or Group Panels (3 speakers, 15 minutes each)

Individuals may propose either an individual presentation that will be grouped with two others by the conference chairs OR a full panel of three speakers on one topic. Please indicate if your proposal is supported by an ABC award or C. R. Anderson Research Fund grant. Individuals may choose to submit their proposal for comprehensive peer review, for review by a peer mentor, or for regular review by our program chairs (See optional Peer Review and Peer Mentoring description below).

Committee/SIG Sessions

ABC Committees and Special Interest Groups may submit proposals for sessions they wish to sponsor during the conference. Proposals should be submitted by the committee or SIG leader. Please include the names of all presenters in the submission.  In addition, the committee/SIG chair may indicate interest in holding a committee meeting by "submitting" to the committee track and putting committee name & meeting in title field and n/a in other required fields. No other meeting details are needed.

Poster Sessions

Presenters may enjoy this opportunity to discuss their research in a one-on-one interactive experience with their audience in a more informal setting. This all-day display, with about 20 minutes of presentation time, can reach a wider audience than traditional presentations and offer a richer opportunity for discussion and feedback.  As with individual and group sessions, the poster title and description will be listed in the printed conference program.

Lightning Round Discussions

Propose a themed lightning round with 6 or 7 designated presenters sharing a fast-paced, informative presentation with 7 minutes each. Themed lightning round topics include:

  • Social media in the teaching of business communication
  • Innovative directions in business communication research
  • Creative business communication course projects
  • Innovative approaches to teaching business communication
  • Innovative research methods for business communication
  • New theoretical approaches to teaching/studying business communication 
  • Multicultural approaches to teaching business communication
  • Intercultural approaches to studying business communication
  • Special sessions:
    Diversity and inclusion (contact Jacqui Lowman Jlowman@maine.edu)  (3 minutes each) 
    My Favorite Assignment (contact D. Joel Whalen jwhalen@depaul.edu) (3 minutes each)
  • Or--propose your own theme.

Research Roundtables

If you are beginning a new project or have one in progress and are interested in discussing a new method or theory and how it might apply to your research, or simply getting feedback on an idea, submit a proposal for a research roundtable.

My Favorite Assignment       (Submissions Closed)

Do you want to share a Favorite Assignment at the conference?  Join Joel Whalen and celebrate teaching innovation with the ever-popular My Favorite Assignment.  You'll just need to send your My Favorite Assignment title. 

In this lively session, the speaker has only 3-minutes to explain their Favorite Assignment.  At the 3-minute mark, a bell rings, signaling “time’s-up!”  
To send your title, first log into your ABC account and then follow this link: (link removed)

You can collaborate later on a Business & Professional Communication Quarterly journal submission.  Since 2009, My Favorite Assignment presenters have been invited (after the conference) to contribute their Favorite Assignment to a journal article.  Submissions are triple blind-peer reviewed. 

For My Favorite Assignment questions, contact Joel Whalen jwhalen@depaul.edu.


Pre-Conference Workshops   (Workshop submissions closed)     

Workshops should be 3-hour, highly interactive, themed events that do not fit into the regular program. Participants should walk away with a new approach to teaching, researching, or consulting in the realm of business communication that they can immediately implement. Examples of possible workshops include creating a scholarship of teaching and learning research project, understanding emotional Intelligence and designing appropriate assignments, working with international writers, and developing a solid assessment plan for a business communication course/program. Proposals on thematic topics are most welcome.

Optional Peer Review or Mentoring   (Closed)

We offer two optional avenues for getting feedback on your proposal beyond the traditional program chair review:

  1. Peer review - Submission to the peer review track means that you are submitting your proposal to our most rigorous review. Proposals will be reviewed blind by peers in the field and held to the highest standards of the field. Only a percentage of submissions will be accepted on this track, and we will announce the acceptance rate for use in review materials. Proposals not selected within this track will be automatically routed to the program chairs for regular review.
  2. Mentoring - Submit to the mentoring track if you would simply like supportive, constructive feedback on your submission before submitting it for program chair review.  If you select peer review, do not also select mentoring.