2014 Annual Conference Proceedings

79th Annual International Convention
October 22–25, 2014
Philadelphia, PA


Of Pizzas, Politics, and Image
Nick Backus, Western Oregon University

Developing a Handout to Help Accounting Students Minimize Written Legal Jargon
David R. Brimm, Indiana University

Stop Correcting Papers: Show Students How to Be Their Own First Readers
Marylyn E. Calabrese, Independent Writing Consultant

What Not To Do In A Crisis: The Case of Donald Sterling
Rod Carveth, Morgan State University
Claire Ferraris, Western Oregon University

Eliciting Compassion Through Military Advertising and Its Impact on Parents’ Willingness to Talk about Enlistment and Provide Comfort to Their Children
Mark D. Cistulli, Jason L. Snyder, Central Connecticut State University

Instruction and Complexity: Enhanced Presentation Skills as Organizational Learning
Dale Cyphert, The University of Northern Iowa

An Analysis of Language and Intercultural Competence in Japanese Expatriate Adjustment to Foreign Postings
Bertha Du-Babcock, City University of Hong Kong

“If You Write It, They Will Come”: The Promises and Pitfalls of Electronic Newsletters for Non-Profit Organisations
F. Elizabeth Gray, Massey University, New Zealand

From Click To Act: How Nonprofit Organizations Can Use Social Media To Generate Funds And Increase Volunteerism
Patcharavadee Julotai, Baruch College

Humor, Laughter and Rhetoric in the Corporate Environment
Ana Lúcia Magalhaes, Pontificia Universidade Catolica de São Paulo – Brazil
Bruno Andreoni, MB Consulting

Disciplining Business Writing: Hard Decisions for “Soft Skills”
Dirk Remley, Kent State University

Strategic Business Communications for Graduate Accounting Students: A Fully Integrated Learning Experience
Sydel Sokuvitz, Robert F. Halsey, Kerry E. Rourke and Peter R. Wilson, Babson College

The Impact of Narrative on the Charismatic Leader Reputation
James S. Welch Jr, Eckerd College

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