2012 Annual Convention Proceedings

Business Class To Business Career: How Can We Help Students Successfully Make the Transition?
Mary Y. Bowers, Northern Arizona University
Marcia A. Metcalf, Northern Arizona University
Communication Management in Organizations
Elizabeth Cieri, Sao Paulo Catholic University
Ana Lucia Magalhaes, Sao Paulo Technological College at Guaratingueta

An Analysis of Communication Behaviors and Strategies in Intercultural Business Contexts: A Comparative Study of Individualism
Bertha Du-Babcock
City University of Hong Kong

Teaming Students with a Forester to Teach Place-based Business Communication Focused on Sustainability
Jim Henry
University of Hawai‘i at Ma¯noa

Exploring the Concept of Executive Presence and Implications for Training
Leslie Stager Jacques, Massey University
Ralph Bathurst, Massey University

Revolution to Participation: Managerial Approaches to Consumers’ Social Media Behavior
Kalinga Jagoda, Mount Royal University
Amy Woermke, Mount Royal University

Using ‘Plain Language’ When It Matters Most: A Case Study in Higher Education
Cat McGrew, Western Oregon University
Margaet A. Artman, Western Oregon University

A Pedagogy for Developing Senior-Level Communication Advisors: 25 years of a Master of Business Communication Program
Mike Porter, University of St. Thomas

Three Leadership Communication Styles
Robyn C. Walker, University of Southern California
Jolanta Aritz, University of Southern California

The Distance Learning Dilemma—What Do Students Really Want?
Karen K. Waner, University of Central Missouri
Yue Cai-Hillon, University of Central Missouri
Janet K. Winter—Emeritus, University of Central Missouri
Joan C. Mansfield, University of Central Missouri
Matthew A. Houseworth University of Central Missouri

The Power of the Mighty Pin: Pinterest Examined
Alicia Whitecavage, Liberty University
Angela Widgeon, Liberty University
Eli Overbey, Liberty University

The content appearing in these Proceedings is the work of individual scholars and does not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or practices of the Association for Business Communication and is distributed for conference discussion purposes only.

James Benjamin, University of Toledo
Charlotte Brammer, Samford University
Stephen Byars, University of Southern California
Rod Carveth, Morgan State University
Mark Cistulli, Central Connecticut State University
Barbara D’Angelo, Arizona State University
Sam DeKay, The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
Frances Griffin, Oklahoma State University
Kathy Hill, Sam Houston State University
Martha Kennedy, San Diego State University
Lorraine Krajewski, Louisiana State University
Mark Lindquist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gary May, Clayton State University
Marcia Metcalf, W.A. Franke College of Business
Jeffrey Mok, National University of Singapore
Michelle Reiss, Spalding University
Teresa Taylor Sekine, Perdue University
Jean Anna Sellers, Fort Hays State University
Lee Tesdell, Minnesota State University
Robyn Walker, University of Southern California
Mary Anne Weegar, National University
Leigh Ann Whittle, Guilford Technical Community College

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