2010 Annual Convention Proceedings

75th Annual Conference
The Association for Business Communication
October 27-30, 2010
Chicago, IL

Editor: Lisa Gueldenzoph Snyder, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Business Education
School of Business and Economics
North Carolina A&T State University

A Process for Assessing and Improving Business Writing at the MBA Level
Gary L. May, Jennifer Hebblethwaite, Clayton State University

A Whole Brain Approach to Teaching Communication: Using Narrative in the Art of Persuasion
Juli Christian Rosenbaum, Baylor University

Articulating the Rhetorical Situation: The Terms of Technology Transfer
Karen Gulbrandsen, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

“Can You Die?” On the Relevance of Second Life in Business Writing Pedagogy
Dirk Remley, Kent State University

Creating Synergy in Accounting Report Assignments
Gretchen N. Vik, San Diego State University

Economic Epideictic: The Virtuous Business of Main Street, USA
Dale Cyphert, University of Northern Iowa

Employer Perceptions of Student Informational Interviewing Skills and Behaviors
Claudia Orr, Bruce Sherony, Carol Steinhaus, Northern Michigan University

Ethos And Senior Leader Communication: Examining Responses To A Policy Change Memo
Sarah E. Martin and Cynthia L. King, Naval Postgraduate School

In the Wake of Toys Recall Crisis in 2007: A Content Analysis of Image Restoration Strategies
Azhanni Muhammad, University of Malaya | Ohio University

Navigating Genre: How A Technological Pedagogy Can Empower Millennials
Erin Frost, Illinois State University

Perceptions of Professional Engineers and Architects Regarding Effective Technical Communication
Don Cunningham, Jill Stewart, Gabrielle Ness, Caitlin Webb; Radford University

Social Media: Changing the World of Business Communication
Donna Greenwald, Bowling Green State University

Social Media Community Management: Implications for Business Communication Curriculum
Barbara J. D’Angelo, Arizona State University

Static Products or Working Texts? The Function of Communication Deliverables in Project Work
Lisa Pawlik, Priscilla S. Rogers; University of Michigan Ross School of Business
Barbara Shwom, Northwestern University

Subjectivity and the Constitution of Company Ethos Verified Through a Disaster Communication
Ana Lucia Magalhaes, FATEC – Faculdade de Tecnologia de Cruzeiro and Guaratingueta
Bruno Andreoni, Servtec Engenharia

Synergy with Sales: Reexamining the Study of Personal Selling in Business Communication
Michael J. Meredith, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Toward an Understanding of Arabic Persuasion
Jim Suchan, The Naval Postgraduate School

Turn-taking Behavior and Topic Management Strategies of Chinese and Japanese Business Professionals: A Comparison of Intercultural Group Communication
Bertha Du-Babcock, City University of Hong Kong
Hiromasa Tanaka, Meisei University

Web-Based Writing Materials that Promote Non-Native Business Students’ Autonomous Learning
Joanne M. Slutsky, University at Buffalo
Veronica G. Sardegna, University of Texas at Austin

The content appearing in these Proceedings is the work of individual scholars and does not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or practices of the Association for Business Communication and is distributed for conference discussion purposes only.

Proceedings Reviewers

  • James Benjamin, University of Toledo
  • Charlotte Brammer, Samford University
  • Stephen Byars, University of Southern California
  • Rod Carveth, Quinnipiac University
  • Betty Chapman, North Carolina A&T State University
  • Barbara D’Angelo, Arizona State University
  • Cathy Dees, DeVry University
  • Sam DeKay, The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
  • Frances Griffin, Oklahoma State University
  • Ronda Henderson, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Kathy Hill, Sam Houston State University
  • Martha Kennedy, San Diego State University
  • Lorraine Krajewski, Louisiana State University
  • Mark Lindquist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Gary May, Clayton State University
  • Ephraim Okoro, Howard University
  • Michelle Reiss, Spalding University
  • Sana Reynolds, Baruch College
  • Teresa Taylor Sekine, Purdue University
  • Jean Anna Sellers, Fort Hays State University
  • Jason Snyder, Central Connecticut State University
  • Lee Tesdell, Minnesota State University
  • Mary Anne Weegar, National University
  • Leigh Ann Whittle, Guilford Technical Community College

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