2006 Annual Convention Proceedings

Proceedings from the 71st Annual Convention
The Association for Business Communication
October 25-28, 2006
San Antonio, Texas

Going Global: Network Connections through Effective Business Communication
Editor: William Wardrope

Denials, Cover-ups, and Apologies: How “Résumé Gate” Ended the Once Rising Career of RadioShack’s Dave Edmondson, and Lessons for the Rest of Us
Amiso M. George, Texas Christian University; Maggie B. Thomas, Texas Christian University

Corporate Speakers: Neglected Canon, Transitional Oratory, and a Theory of Rhetorical Economy
Dale Cyphert, University of Northern Iowa

A Native-American Bad-News Message from 1805
Donald Samson, Radford University

Fighting the Journalistic Perfect Storm: The Duke Administration’s Handling of the Lacrosse Team Sex Scandal
Rod Carveth, Marywood University; Claire Ferraris, Western Oregon University; Nick Backus, Western Oregon University

Intercultural Communication Choices in the Muhammad Caricature Debacle
Jeanette S. Martin, University of Mississippi; Lillian Chaney, University of Memphis

Aspects of Intercultural Understanding through an MBA Study Abroad Program
Elizabeth A. Tuleja, University of Pennsylvania

Implications of Confucian and Daoist Values for Multinationals in Intercultural Business Communication
Kejun Xu, Illinois Institute of Technology

What’s Not to Like? Business Students’ Opinions about PowerPoint Slide Design
Jo Mackiewicz, Illinois Institute of Technology; Ginnifer Mastarone, Illinois Institute of Technology; Julia Lee-Kim, Illinois Institute of Technology

Applying the Potter Box to Merck’s Actions Regarding the Painkiller Vioxx
Rod Carveth, Marywood Universityp; Claire Ferraris, Western Oregon University; Nick Backus, Western Oregon University

The “Dark Side” of Online Project Teams: Challenges and Remedies
Gary L. May, Clayton State University; Shelia L. Margolis, CORE InSites, Inc.

Effective Instructions in a Globalized Middle East/Arabian Work Environment: Providing the Fit Between Workplace Communication and Oral Communication Education
Shirley Thomas, Sultan Qaboos University

Atmospherics in the Cyber World
Louis K. Falk, University of Texas at Brownsville; Hy Sockel, DIKW Group; Homer Warren, Youngstown State University; Kuanchin Chen, Western Michigan University

Project Management Techniques for Service Learning Projects: Writing to Connect Academic and Professional Worlds
LeeAnne Kryder, University of California-Santa Barbara

Music: The Universal Communicator
Bobbye J. Davis, Southeastern Louisiana University; Clarice P. Brantley, Innovative Training Team

Multilingual Websites with Open Source Content Management Systems
Todd Kelsey, Illinois Institute of Technology

Field Project for Business Communication: Warm Welcome to the Real World!
Priscilla Berry, Jacksonville University

Making Teamwork Work
Jan Fermelis, Deakin University

The Gentle Art of “Phishing”
Marilyn Dyrud, Oregon University of Technology

The content appearing in these Proceedings is the work of individual scholars and does not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or practices of the Association for Business Communication and is distributed for conference discussion purposes only.


  • Lana Carnes, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Lillian Chaney, University of Memphis
  • Debbie DuFrene, Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Harold Hurry, Sam Houston State University
  • Betty Kleen, Nicholls State University
  • Carol Lehman, Mississippi State University
  • Bob Olney, Texas State University-San Marcos

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