How Do You Teach Diversity?

As you’re preparing for the ABC Annual International Conference October 28-31, 2020 in San Diego, please consider being part of the lightning roundtable: “How Do You Teach Diversity?”  The roundtable will be a forum in which panelists—and audience--will share best practices.  The idea is for panelists to share an assignment in a lightning round in which each will have three to five minutes to present (depending on number of participants).  The session is a good way for people to try out a new topic that they can turn into something more substantial.  They then can fine tune based on feedback. 


Submit the assignment title with a brief description of the assignment and an upload of your handout(s). (You may revise handout(s) later, if desired.) Be certain handout includes your name, university/affiliation (no abbreviations), and presentation title.  Save as a Word document using Times New Roman 12 point font. Submit here:


Sharing your handouts is a great service to our colleagues and business communication.  We now have an archive of handouts from the 2019 Detroit conference.  You can find that here: Being published online in this way is also a nice additional benefit for you. 


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Jacqui Lowman at