How Do You Teach Diversity?


How to Post your Video File and your Transcript for "How Do You Teach Diversity?"

Post your video file and the transcript of your presentation using these steps:

  1. Log into the ABC site, hover your mouse over My Options and select My Profile.
  2. Select My Presentations, located at bottom of the list at lower right corner.
  3. Click on your presentation title.
  4. Click the double page icon.
  5. Upload your MP4 video file and your transcript in Word.
  6. Name video file with this format: FirstInitial.HDYTD.2020.
  7. Name transcript with this format: FirstInitial.HDYTDtranscript.2020.
  8. Press OK when done.

For assistance, please contact Andy Cavanaugh at

NOTE:  These upload instructions are DIFFERENT than for the general conference where uploads will be direct to the video conference platform.



Presenters share a best practices assignment in the How Do You Teach Diversity? lightning round in which each will have three to five minutes to present (depending on number of participants).  The session also offers a way to try out a new topic and then fine-tune based on audience feedback.


Submissions Closed

Submit the assignment title with a brief description of the assignment and an upload of your handout(s). (You may revise handout(s) later, if desired.) Be certain handout includes your name, university/affiliation (no abbreviations), and presentation title.  Save as a Word document using Times New Roman 12 point font.


Sharing your handouts is a great service to our colleagues and business communication.  We now have an archive of handouts from the 2019 Detroit conference.  You can find that here: Being published online is an additional benefit for you. 


For questions or more information, contact Jacqui Lowman at