2018 Annual Conference Proceedings

83rd Annual International Conference
October 24-27, 2018
Miami, Florida, USA

Editor: Leigh Ann Whittle

ISSN 2472-0658

Perceived Organizational Support for Communication and Expatriate Adjustments: A Case of a China-Based Multinational Corporation
Bertha Du-Babcock, City University of Hong Kong

The Failed Launch of “Lady Doritos” and PepsiCo’s Image Repair Effort
Nick Backus, Western Oregon University

Infusing Emotional Intelligence in a Business Communications Classroom as a Workforce Readiness Strategy
Barbara Burgess-Wilkerson and Michael Whitney, Winthrop University

Preparing Millennials as Digital Citizens and Socially and Environmentally Responsible Business Professionals in a Socially Irresponsible Climate
Barbara Burgess-Wilkerson, Clovia Hamilton, Chlotia Garrison, and Keith Robbins, Winthrop University

Improving Presentation Skills Among Working Adults: What Helped
Mary Marcel, Bentley University

Discursive Diversity in the Entrepreneurial Pitch: Creating and Communicating a Marketplace Space (CAMS) in the High-Stakes Reality TV Show, Shark Tank
CP Moreau, Carnegie Mellon University

Social Media Friendships with Direct Supervisors: An Exploratory Study
Jason L. Snyder; Mark Cistulli, Central Connecticut State University

Can Feedback Feel Good? The Link Between Motivating Language and Performance Feedback Preparation
Doreen Hanke, Texas A & M International University

Can Diversity be Intersectional? Inclusive Business Planning and Accessible Web Design Internationally on Two Continents and Three Campuses
Sushil K. Oswal, University of Washington and Zsuzsanna B. Palmer, Grand Valley State University


Proceedings Editorial Review Board:

Matt Baker
Christopher Brown
Rod Carveth
Kevin Chu
Mark Cistulli
Barbara D’Angelo
Michelle Dawson
Sam DeKay
Mitchell Friedman
Frances Griffin
Kathy Langston
Sushil Oswal
Lee Tesdell
Lillian Watson
Tara Wilson