Will you please share your Favorite Assignment at the 2019 Association for Business Communication International Conference—Detroit, Michigan USA (Oct 23-26)?

My Favorite Assignment is ABC’s celebration of teaching innovations. It’s fast moving session with a fantastic, appreciative audience. You’ll have about 3-minutes to present your Favorite Assignment. When time’s up you’ll hear two things:

--A bell signaling that you’re time is up
--Thunderous applause for you

More details Some assignments take an entire semester, others that just a few minutes; some are complex, other quite simple. All Favorite Assignments showcase the presenters’ love of teaching.

To submit just follow this link https://www.businesscommunication.org/e/sx/eid=27
If not already logged in, you will be prompted to login. You will then:
  1. Select track (drop down menu) My Favorite Assignment and click "Go"
  2. Session Title: Type name of your Favorite Assignment Presentation (use title case)
  3. Select Session type (drop down menu) My Favorite Assignment
  4. Type "Detroit” here:  (Simply type Detroit in the space provided.
  5. Press OK when ready to submit.

How to share materials
Find steps to share materials and give permissions.

Journal article: We’ll collaborate on a Business & Professional Communication Quarterly submission. I hope you’ll join us in that venture too.

D. Joel Whalen
Chair, My Favorite Assignment
ABC Teaching Committee